How (not) to schedule electronic messages: a case study/cautionary tale

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This is a case where “better to ask forgiveness than permission” definitely does not apply. The text archiving plan presented at that December committee meeting, to me, risked committing some of the same mistake. Welcome to RIM Month!

Take your web archives to go with these Archive-It APIs and integrations


Archive-It software and hardware is built to meet the needs that span this scale, but one size rarely fits all. To read a high level summary of each, review example use cases, and find detailed documentation and instructions for implementation, start here: Archive-It APIs and integrations.

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Opening the House Foreign Affairs Committee web archive


Among hundreds of others, they include this September 27, 2018 HFAC committee meeting video, including Chairperson Royce speaking forcefully about H. Case Studiesby Mark G. Bilby, Senior Assistant Librarian, California State University, Fullerton.

Web archiving partners meet in 2019


Archive-It partners met twice this month: attendees of the joint Society of American Archivists and Council of State Archivists conference met at the University of Texas at Austin, and the first regional meeting of Archive-It partners in New England convened at Harvard University’s Lamont Library.

Regulatory Update: NAIC Fall 2018 National Meeting

Data Matters

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) held its Fall 2018 National Meeting (Fall Meeting) in San Francisco, California, from November 15 to 18, 2018. This post summarizes the highlights from this meeting. In light of this, the (A) Committee granted an extension of the model law development request to the Spring 2019 National Meeting. The post Regulatory Update: NAIC Fall 2018 National Meeting appeared first on Data Matters Privacy Blog.

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Collecting for continuity and for change: The web archiving experience in Westborough


The town has several active civic organizations and clubs, and residents participate in a Town Meeting form of government wherein all of the voting members of town gather twice per year to decide how the town will be governed. Case Studies Community Webs

Understanding web archive access and use with Google Analytics: Lessons and questions from the Federal Depository Library Program


Understanding how our archived content is meeting the needs of users has become increasingly important to us to ensure we are meeting our goals for access. Case Studies How ToThe following is a guest post by Andra Stump of GPO contractor Zimmerman Associates, Inc.,

Archiving the Web @EBRPL: Creating and following a web collecting policy in a public library


By practicing this type of collecting now, we will be prepared to meet the challenge of curating our digital vertical file as this shift takes place. Archiving Spontaneous Events Case Studies Community WebsBy Emily Ward, Digital Archivist, East Baton Rouge Parish Library.

SAA Austin Recap #2! Acquisitions & Appraisal & Electronic Records Section Joint Section Meeting!

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Acquisitions & Appraisal + Electronic Records Section Joint Section Meeting at ARCHIVES*RECORDS 2019 . On August 3, 2019, members of the Acquisitions & Appraisal Section of the Society of American Archivists joined members of the Electronic Records Section for a combined annual meeting. Business Meetings. The lightning round was followed by a case study of a student project on appraising electronic state agency records?. Author: Scott Kirycki.

Describing web archives: Learning from Archive-It partners and friends


In case you missed it live, want to revisit anything, or share with your colleagues, the recording, presentation materials, and space for continued discussion are all now online here in the Archive-It Community Forum. For even more information about UNC’s cases and next steps, see Jessica’s own For the Record blog post, Behind the Scenes: Describing Archived Websites. . Please share your insights, case studies, and questions to keep it going!

From local to global, NYARC’s networks bring art history to the web archive


In this case, why are three heads better than one? NYARC also meets regularly with our web archiving colleagues at Columbia University Libraries. We hosted a workshop at the most recent annual meeting in New Orleans for those interested in getting started with web archiving.

APEC Privacy Update – Beijing Meetings

Hunton Privacy

On August 6-10, 2014, the APEC Data Privacy Subgroup (“DPS”) and its parent committee, the Electronic Commerce Steering Group (“ECSG”), met in Beijing, China, for another round of negotiations, meetings and workshops. The principal focus of the meetings was again on the further implementation of the APEC Cross-Border Privacy Rules (“CBPR”) system and related work relevant to cross-border interoperability. Next Meeting.

APEC Privacy Committee Meets to Discuss CBPR System and EU Cooperation

Hunton Privacy

From January 30 to February 3, 2015, the APEC Data Privacy Subgroup (“DPS”) and its parent committee, the Electronic Commerce Steering Group (“ECSG”), met in Subic Bay, Philippines, for another round of negotiations and meetings. The following is a summary of highlights and outcomes from the meetings. The case studies explored the usefulness of the Referential and how companies can leverage their prior work to seek approval in one system to gain approval in the other system.

This is the old ChiefTech blog.: Is the term "wiki" no longer useful?


However, its well worth reading Ray Simss analysis of these slides and also another wiki case study, Avenue A | Razorfish. Ive said similar things myself in response to the Avenue A | Razorfish case study (" Their wiki sounds very much like a portal, but a portal implemented in a wiki or Web 2.0 This is the old ChiefTech blog. Nice of you to drop in and visit. However, you need to come over and see my new blog at ©2005-2009. ©2005-2009.

Connect with Perficient at #Kscope18

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Case Study: Implementing a One-of-a-Kind Driver-based Rolling Forecast Model at MD Anderson Cancer Center Using Hyperion Planning with ASO Integration. If you’re not able to attend the event, but would like to learn more about the MDACC case study, please reach out to us.

How to start your career in cyber security

IT Governance

Meeting people and making connections is a great way to get your foot in the door. Networking websites such as LinkedIn can be helpful, but we’d suggest face-to-face meetings wherever possible. A version of this blog was originally published on 8 December 2017.

How to become an ISO 27001 lead implementer

IT Governance

You will be tasked with overseeing an ISO 27001 project, managing personnel and making sure you meet the Standard’s requirements along the way. You’ll be given a combination of theoretical study and hands-on work, including group discussions, practical exercises and case studies.

Risk 71

Q&A: The troubling implications of normalizing encryption backdoors — for government use

The Last Watchdog

Machine to machine connection and communication needs to be authenticated to access systems, so this technology is where the rubber meets the road, with respect to this debate. In this case it’s an encryption key. Venafi: Cambridge Analytica is just an amazing case study of what can happen when machines can actually pull all this information together, and the massive power of that.

e-Records 2017 – “Information Governance: Take Control and Succeed” Conference Recap

The Texas Record

Given the topic of the conference, many of the presentations centered around information governance and implementation whether in the cloud, SharePoint, or through successful case studies.

How to start your career in cyber security

IT Governance

Study. Books and e-learning courses might be better options, as they allow you to study specific topics at your own pace. Meeting people and making connections is sometimes essential for getting your foot in the door. There has never been a better time to get into cyber security.

e-Records 2019: Early Bird discount expires soon!

The Texas Record

Government is transforming to meet its partners in this brave new digital world. Better Together in a Digital World: Security and Retention. TSLAC @TexasDIR. Reminder to register now and save $30! Early bird registration is only $70. After October 25, the price increases to $100.

Why Data Now Makes Every Company a Tech Company

Perficient Data & Analytics

In fact, many of the case studies I see are focused on how tech companies have become even smarter and data-driven. It no longer matters if your company is a food grower, a manufacturer, a trader, a retailer, or in the case of Sinar Mas, all of the above.

Successful Information Governance when the Bosses Just Don't Care


In all cases, case studies and stories can really help make the case. Certainly, on the risk side, you hope to never have a case study from your own organization - but if you do, it's hard to find one more relevant because you know what happened, you know the costs to recover, you know all the outcomes. We regularly discuss the value and importance of information governance - at our conference, in our training courses, in our virtual events.

New Functional Schedule for North Carolina State Agencies

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Over 200 stakeholders from across North Carolina state government participated in meetings to review draft schedules for each of the 16 functions, and many staff at SANC in addition to the Records Analysis Unit also provided constructive feedback.

Poster boy for Information Governance


Years ago, while teaching a course to MBA students at Rice University, I used the Target credit card breach as a case study. Then he wrote a memo ostensibly commemorating a meeting he had with his boss on government business on a government computer (while in a government vehicle) during the work day, and declared that that was his personal correspondence that he could (and did) distribute as he pleased.

NEW TECH: This free tool can help gauge, manage third-party cyber risk; it’s called ‘VRMMM’

The Last Watchdog

According to a recent Ponemon Institute study , some 59% of companies experienced a third-party data breach in 2018, yet only 16% believe they are effectively mitigating third-party risk. Members gain access to third-party IT security risk management best practices via case studies, surveys, whitepapers, webinars, meetings and conferences. Late last year, Atrium Health disclosed it lost sensitive data for some 2.65

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What Should Be The Core Competencies For Cybersecurity For C-Suite

Cyber Info Veritas

In the past, the security of a company’s information was something that was delegated to the IT department and the subject was seldom brought up in board meetings. In board meetings nowadays, one of the most important agendas that is given priority in the discussion is cybersecurity.

Understanding the differences between ISO 27001 and ISO 27002

IT Governance

This blog explains why that’s the case, helping you understand how each standard works and the differences between them. To meet these requirements, organisations must: Assemble a project team and initiate the project; Conduct a gap analysis; Scope the ISMS; Initiate high-level policy development; Perform a risk assessment; Select and apply controls; Develop risk documentation; Conduct staff awareness training; Assess, review and conduct an internal audit; and.

Privacy and Cybersecurity May 2019 Events

HL Chronicle of Data Protection

Bret Cohen will speak on the Privacy Bar Section Forum panels, “Working Across Borders: Partnering and Vetting,” and “Case Study: How Working Across Borders Worked for Me,” during the 2019 IAPP Global Summit. Mark Brennan will lead a discussion on TCPA issues at the Student Loan Servicing Alliance’s Annual Meeting. Please join us for our May events. May 1. IAPP Global Summit.

Kofax Intelligent Automation Deployment at Davies Turner Wins Ventana Award for Overall Digital Leadership

Document Imaging Report

Kofax has empowered our operations teams to build automated processes that enable improved accuracy and faster response times to meet and even beat clients’ requirements,” said Hollis.

The 2013 Summit Arrives: Bridging Data And Humanity

John Battelle's Searchblog

At the Summit, you’ll meet the people behind this world, as well as the agencies, marketers and brands who power it. The post The 2013 Summit Arrives: Bridging Data And Humanity appeared first on John Battelle's Search Blog.

Holocaust Memorial Day: learning from the past for a better future


In 2016, a study into the impact of HMD carried out by Sheffield Hallam University found that 70 per cent of respondents who had taken part in an HMD activity became more aware of the causes and conditions that can lead to genocide.

The Architecture of the Archive project

Archives Blogs

For the SRO case study, students were provided with a diverse range of examples of State archives which have unique needs or which may be difficult to access properly without the right kind of infrastructure. Damien Hassan. Wednesday, May 30, 2018 – 13:35. Archives.

Welcome to Legaltech New York 2019!: eDiscovery Trends

eDiscovery Daily

4:00pm – 5:00pm: Cross-Border Investigations: Protecting the Privilege and Meeting Privacy Expectations. Case studies with best practices, ROI benefits and efficiencies achieved. Today is the start of Legaltech® New York (LTNY), and, for the ninth(!)

Resourceful Records Managers! Courtney Bailey, Chair, SAA Records Management Section 2019-2020

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Whenever I had the opportunity to focus my own research, I tried to focus on a topic that would fill in a gap for me, and in this case, I looked into records management in the business arena. When I attended the SAA annual meeting in 2016, I learned about the work Mike Strom had done in Wyoming, so I later followed up with him to discover more information about their development and implementation processes.

KnowledgeShare: access to evidence for NHS staff


1 Policy documents, guidelines and case studies of innovative practice add to this plethora. KnowledgeShare was initially designed to meet the needs of the Brighton and ?Sussex Case study: Tom Roper, Clinical Librarian, Brighton and Sussex Hospitals.

Starting your first NHS librarian post: top tips


Try to attend different team meetings, not only to get an idea about the organisation, but also to offer support with the wealth of knowledge and information you have at your fingertips. ll also give you the opportunity to meet people outside of your sector. ? ? ?

Creating and nourishing a DevOps culture: key takeaways for agencies


Digital transformation is forcing a rethinking of business process simplification, data science is taking on a new importance with a push for data-driven insights, and federal CIOs are learning how to wield new authorities effectively to meet the accompanying new levels of accountability. Showcase case studies, especially local or homegrown examples, sharing successes and failures alike. Creating and nourishing a DevOps culture: key takeaways for agencies.

Archive-It Partner News, May 2018


Join us at the annual Archive-It Partner Meeting. We hope you can join us for an afternoon partner meeting on Tuesday, August 14, 2018 preceding ARCHIVES*RECORDS 2018 , the joint annual meeting of CoSA, NAGARA, and SAA. by the Archive-It team.

To Bucket or Not to Bucket…?

The Texas Record

My first experience with bucketing was a few years ago during a presentation by Susan Cisco (from the Gimmal Group) at our local chapter ARMA meeting. Once it’s completed successfully, you’ll have an outstanding case study that you can share with other divisions within your agency. There is a term in records management circles you might have heard of called “big buckets.” ” Have you ever stopped and thought, “What is this? Should I be doing this?