Intro to Analytics in Oracle IoT Cloud Service [Webinar]

Perficient Data & Analytics

Oracle Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud Service helps you make critical business decisions and develop strategies by providing numerous applications that allow its users an inside perspective on their company’s facts and figures. Additionally, through IoT Cloud Service you are able to integrate your data with enterprise applications, web services, or with other Oracle Cloud Services, such as Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service.

IoT 40

Who will win the driverless / autonomous car wars?

Information Matters

Historical case studies ( eg. IoT Innovation

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Why Data Now Makes Every Company a Tech Company

Perficient Data & Analytics

Discussing how IoT, AI, advanced analytics, and other technologies will transform business is what I imagine it must have been like to discuss the transformational impact of the light bulb, transcontinental railroads, the telegraph, and other industrial age innovations. In fact, many of the case studies I see are focused on how tech companies have become even smarter and data-driven.

Wednesday LTNY 2020 Sessions: eDiscovery Trends

eDiscovery Daily

With a gift of clearly explaining complex—and confusing—technologies, Blockchain researcher Bettina Warburg educates executives in leveraging emergent technologies including AI, IoT, and others. How do these data privacy laws impact social media & the IoT.

The Power of the Record

Brandeis Records Manager

And while pacemakers have been around for awhile, a whole relatively new and future breed of IoT objects and wearables promises to proliferate records everywhere – more power. Each year, we have excellent conferences–ARMA, AIIM, MER–I’ve attended them all multiple times, and they can be counted on for great sessions, engaging vendor floors, insights, leading edge case studies, keynote inspiration, and collegiality. George Despres, CRM.

Ireland: New DPC Guidance Sets Regulatory Expectations around Use of Website Cookies

DLA Piper Privacy Matters

Further to the decision by the Court of Justice (CJEU) Fashion ID case, and confirmed in the DPCs report, third parties that process personal data in cookies via embedding a plugin in another party’s website, can be considered a joint controller in relation to that data. The guidance also clarifies that ‘terminal equipment’ includes laptops, mobile phones, tablets and ‘internet connected devices’, which includes IoT devices. John Magee & Eilis McDonald.