How to Use Gamification in Mobile Apps: A Case Study


Gamification, or the addition of game-like elements to anything that isn’t a game, pops up all over the design world. The moment when users first open your app is critical to the app’s success , and you can use gamification as a tool to get a new user through the learning curve. It’s possible to apply gamification to any part of app design, or even design an entire app—that is not a mobile gaming application—around it. How does Forest entice users?

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Career Choice Tip: Cybercrime is Mostly Boring

Krebs on Security

The findings come in a new paper released by researchers at Cambridge University’s Cybercrime Centre , which examined the quality and types of work needed to build, maintain and defend illicit enterprises that make up a large portion of the cybercrime-as-a-service market.

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Building for Billions: Addressing Security Concerns for Platforms at Scale


Lessons from Facebook and Google show how to safely scale your environment for security. Cloud Security InfoSec Insider Akamai BeyondCorp beyondprod case study enterprise Facebook google infosec insider scale tony lauro Zero Trust

What belongs in a web archive? Collection development policies and goals


Archive-It partners and friends gathered online this week to discuss why they collect what they collect. Questions from their peers further helped all attendees to hone in on the specific objectives that make each web archive unique. Case Studies How To

A Case Study: Measuring the Impact of Db2 for z/OS Buffer Pool Changes

Robert's Db2

His team had made some changes to the buffer pool configuration in their production Db2 environment (the overall size of the buffer pool configuration was increased to reduce read I/O activity , and greater use was made of large real storage page frames ), and they were not sure as to how the performance impact of these changes could be measured. Why do I like for data in a detailed accounting report to be aggregated in this way? That's something to think about.

COVID-19 collections and resouces: An update for web archivists


Archive-It partners met in virtual groups over the last two weeks in order to introduce themselves, their collecting goals, questions, and ideas to one another. Those conversations are summarized very briefly below, along with reference points for advice and ongoing work of value to all web archivists. All current and new Archive-It partners can take advantage of special pricing for archival data storage in order to collect and preserve without limiting their scopes.

Take your web archives to go with these Archive-It APIs and integrations


Archive-It is a platform that brings together different tools that have been developed to acquire, store, preserve, and share primary source material from the World Wide Web — a kind of “one stop shop” for web archiving tech. Archive-It software and hardware is built to meet the needs that span this scale, but one size rarely fits all. The goal is to ensure that every Archive-It partner can access, manage, migrate, and represent their web archives where and how they need them.

Analyze your Web Archives at Scale: The Archives Unleashed Cloud


Do you have great collections, but wish you had more and different ways to explore them? Archive-It provides a fantastic service to curate, collect, and preserve content from the Web. You can watch the full video above to learn the complete process. To get started visit: [link].

Expand the reach of Archive-It collections with these access integrations


Archive-It partners can enable direct access to their captures, collection descriptions, and other related metadata beyond the default portal of, customizing where and how patrons find and explore their web archives. Not sure what your options are, or where to start?

What belongs in a community web archive? New collecting guidelines and examples from Community Webs partners


With the sheer vastness of resources available, how does a community-based program decide what is most important and necessary to collect for the future? Even as web archiving becomes more widely practiced, publicly available examples of collection development policies to guide these decisions can be hard to find and adapt for local use. Others with discrete goals found it easier to write wholly new policy documents specific to the format.

Young Automotive Group Digitizes HR Processes with DocuWare

Document Imaging Report

“I was on the phone with a new hire instructing how to fill out our digital forms. When I told him I already got the form on my end, he was impressed by how quickly our system works.”. Contributed News case study ECM HR RetailHe pressed the button and the form disappeared.” — SharRee Shupe, HR Generalist. Young Automotive Group, Layton, UT. DocuWare_CaseStudy_YoungAutomotiveGroup_FINAL_RSD version.

Describing web archives: Learning from Archive-It partners and friends


Partners, collaborators, and peers gathered this week for Describing Web Archives , the latest in Archive-It’s Advanced Training series of webinars , and the second (with Access to Archive-It Collections ) to invite web archivists to take the lead in demonstrating their approaches to access and discovery. For even more information about UNC’s cases and next steps, see Jessica’s own For the Record blog post, Behind the Scenes: Describing Archived Websites.

Understanding web archive access and use with Google Analytics: Lessons and questions from the Federal Depository Library Program


Stump and Bower introduce how Archive-It partners at the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) Web Archive have implemented and use Google Analytics to understand the use of their existing collections and plan for the future. If you are an Archive-It partner, you can follow these brief directions to implement Google Analytics on your own collections and keep up to date on the latest advice and best practices with your peers here in our community forum.

A case study on the use of iBeacon technology at a major theme park


A case study on the use of iBeacon technology at a major theme park. CGI, in fact, has used it to enhance park management and the customer experience for one of the largest theme parks in Northern Europe. The theme park already had a mobile app for visitors, but it wanted to increase the app’s value to visitors by making it more interactive. During the summer, the park’s busiest season, the lines to buy a ticket can be quite long.

How to become an ISO 27001 lead implementer

IT Governance

If you have some knowledge of ISO 27001 and want to further your career, you should consider becoming an ISO 27001 lead implementer. Anyone interested in the position will need to pass the ISO27001 Certified ISMS Lead Implementer (CIS LI) exam. What you need to know.

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How to start your career in cyber security

IT Governance

There has never been a better time to get into cyber security, with growing demand for experts promising increased salaries and job opportunities. How much experience do you need? Technically, you don’t need any cyber security experience to get started, though many people entering the field will come from jobs that have similar skillsets, such as systems administration or information analysis. Meeting people and making connections is a great way to get your foot in the door.

How to start your career in cyber security

IT Governance

There has never been a better time to get into cyber security. There is a growing demand for experts , leading to increased salaries and job opportunities. As with most industries, you’re much more likely to get ahead in cyber security if you have experience. Even though the industry skills gap means organisations are more likely to take on less experienced people, practical knowledge is a huge advantage. Study.

“Make It Weird”: Building a collaborative public library web archive in an arts & counterculture community


In my first sit down with a fellow staff member to talk about the prospects for a web archive, we brainstormed how we could more completely capture the digital record of today’s community. My colleague Heather whispered to me excitedly: “We could make it weird!”

Web archiving and public knowledge: Collaborating with Vancouver Island Archive-It partners


Our goal was to raise awareness about web archiving, how it works, who can be involved, and the special importance of collaborative efforts when building community-based thematic collections. . We emphasized that this new kind of collecting work will be increasingly critical to representing and reflecting the transforming and ephemeral nature of local public knowledge and discourse. Wildfires 2017 to which several universities contributed seeds, and UVic’s B.C.

Archiving the Web @EBRPL: Creating and following a web collecting policy in a public library


We simply had not begun to deal with born-digital content but we knew we needed to start and quickly, and this is when our relationship with Archive-it began. I knew however, this system was not sustainable or compatible with the type of collecting we hoped to do in the future.

Collecting for continuity and for change: The web archiving experience in Westborough


In 2013, a group of sixty people packed into a venue designed for forty in order to see a collection of eighteenth and nineteenth century town records that had just been found in the Westborough Town Clerk’s vault. Still, I struggled to come up with a reason why someone from our growing South Asian population should visit our public library’s local history room. We continue to maintain our rural character too, though, with working farms and a classic New England downtown.

How to Unite B2B PR and Content Marketing for Powerful Results

OpenText Information Management

When you boil it down, there's a lot to be said for teamwork. According to these individuals, you should either have PR or content marketing -- not both. Let's take a closer look at PR and content marketing, and examine how both play an important role in your overall B2B strategy. As new technologies and trends emerge, public relations evolves to fit the times. And we see how public relations has gracefully handled these changes, to the benefit of all involved.

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[Podcast] The Impact of a Pandemic on Information Governance


When I think back to this time last year, I’m shocked by just how different things are since the start of COVID-19. To now, businesses are planning for the long-term. This case study features Alogent and their recent efforts with Silver State Schools Credit Union.

Comics for Consumer Communication


The rising popularity of the comic as an internal communication device for designers has increased our ability to engage our stakeholders as we build interfaces. Yet, social service agencies looking to provide services to hard-to-reach groups like immigrants, cultural minorities, and the poor have taken pride in innovative outreach methods. In some cases, the comic book format has been used as a way to help people get access to critical legal help.

Best of TAB 2017 part 2: the top blog posts

TAB OnRecord

It is time for part two of our series on the top RIM resources of the past year, including your favorite case studies, white papers, blog posts and guides. In this installment, we share the top three blog posts of 2017: how to save money with RIM, corporate moves, and document imaging for financial institutions. [.]

Attacking encrypted USB keys the hard(ware) way


If you have, come to our talk to find out if those products live up to the hype and hear about the results of the audit we conducted on multiples USB keys and hard drives that claim to securely encrypt data. In this talk, we will present our methodology to assess "secure" USB devices both from the software and the hardware perspectives. We will demonstrate how this methodology works in practice via a set of case-studies.

New book tackles the challenges of discovery in the (post-Google) era


Facet Publishing announce the release of Resource Discovery for the Twenty-First Century Library: Case studies and perspectives on the role of IT in user engagement and empowerment, edited by Simon McLeish. New book tackles the challenges of discovery in the (post-Google) era.

Fragmented Data, 1 Source of Truth: Why to Use Datorama [Webinar]

Perficient Data & Analytics

Want to connect all of your marketing data in one place in real-time? Attribute revenue directly to campaigns? Eric Dukart, practice director at Perficient, will explain how it puts a single source of truth at your fingertips. Real-world case studies, including a quick demo. How to get started at your own organization. If you’re unable to make it, you can still sign up to get the webinar recording delivered straight to your inbox.)

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Free download: A Beginner’s Guide to the DPO

IT Governance

Since the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) came into effect in May 2018, many organisations are asking whether they’re supposed to have a DPO (data protection officer), but sometimes the answer isn’t that simple. Organisations such as public authorities are required to have a DPO under the Regulation, but for others the position isn’t so certain or easily understood. Case study examples of a DPO in action. Do you need a data protection officer?


NSA releases the source code of the GHIDRA reverse engineering framework

Security Affairs

Digging in the huge trove of files, it is possible to find also information about the GHIDRA , a Java-based engineering tool. Early March, the NSA has released the suite Ghidra that could be used to find vulnerabilities and security holes in applications. This is the last community you want to release something out to with a backdoor installed, to people who hunt for this stuff to tear apart.”.

RFID Global to sponsor Airline Baggage Tracking session at RFID Journal Live!

RFID Global Solution, Inc.

The workshop will be free for all airline executives who wish to attend. As the team that implemented Delta Airline’s baggage tracking program, we are proud to sponsor this session and look forward to sharing our experiences and lessons learned. In addition, the session will feature a case study by Brandon Woodruff, Senior Analyst at Delta Air Lines, the first major airline to track baggage worldwide. The RFID Journal LIVE!


e-Records Conference: Price Increase on October 26!

The Texas Record

Reminder to register now and save $25 on your registration fee! After October 26 , price will increase to $90, if space is still available. Be sure to visit the conference website to read more about the exciting lineup and this year’s exhibitors. It’s all about tackling tough challenges to manage those electronic records. We had so many great sessions submitted this year that we have five breakout sessions to bring you more content and options than ever before!

CIPL Releases Report on Effective Data Privacy Accountability

Hunton Privacy

On June 3, 2020, the Centre for Information Policy Leadership (“CIPL”) at Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP published its report, What Good and Effective Data Privacy Accountability Looks Like: Mapping Organizations’ Practices to the CIPL Accountability Framework (“Report”). The main objective of the Report is to promote organizational accountability in data privacy as an essential prerequisite for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Singapore Updates Its Model Artificial Intelligence Governance Framework

Data Protection Report

The Model Framework provides guidance on the following four key governance areas: Internal governance structure and measures: adapting existing or setting up internal governance structures and measures to incorporate values, risks, and responsibilities relating to algorithmic decision-making, which includes delineating clear roles and responsibilities for AI governance within an organisation, processes and procedures to manage risks, and staff training.

New report – Designing Mobile Apps: A Roadmap for Businesses


The business context (including how mobile apps relate to intranets, training and social business). How to identify user requirements and develop use cases. Case studies and examples of the approaches taken by Alcatel-lucent, Apache Corporations, King & Wood Mallesons, Woods Bagot and Zurich. The report covers: Key concepts about enterprise mobility and mobile apps.


Book reviews: a call to arms for open licensing


Book reviews: a call to arms for open licensing. ? THIS book is a passionate call to arms for open licensing. The editors argue that this should be no different when collection items move from the analogue world to the digital. The additional opportunities for widening engagement and creative re-use that open licensing afford are also held up as reasons to adopt such policies. to CILIP members. ? ?

How Secure Are Bitcoin Wallets, Really?

Security Affairs

So, the companies behind those wallets wisely emphasize why their products are more secure than what competitors offer and why that’s the case. So, that’s undoubtedly comforting to people who raise their eyebrows at the prospect of using a digital method to store their cryptocurrency investments. If a person owns collector coins, it’s essential to learn how to protect them from potential sources of damage — such as temperature extremes, acids and humidity.

Successful Information Governance when the Bosses Just Don't Care


How can you move your organization's information governance program forward in the absence of management support or interest? There are two ways to approach this. Option 1: Try To Get Your Bosses to Care. What we'd suggest here is to get very specific about the value of effective information governance from a couple of different perspectives. You can determine these figures and compare them to industry benchmarks to get an idea of potential savings.

New book showcases visual literacy as a tool for reader development


With contributions from Sir Philip Pullman, Chris Riddell and Nick Sharratt, this book will showcase the role of visual literacy as a tool for promoting reading, helping to raise understanding and awareness among librarians and education practitioners, and promoting aspiration and achievement among the children and young people they work with. Seeing Sense was written to help support people in better capturing the power and potential of visual literacy as a tool for reading and learning.?

OpenText Showcases how Intelligence, Integration and Automation Drive Innovation in Content Services at AIIM Conference 2019

Document Imaging Report

By connecting content to the digital business, OpenText Content Services accelerate productivity, improve governance and facilitate transformation through off-cloud and cloud deployments. Our deployment of EIM as a service, flexible industry-relevant apps, and compelling microservices and APIs are leading an industry-wide transformation in how customers seize the value of their information.”. Named as a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms* .