Comics for Consumer Communication


In some cases, the comic book format has been used as a way to help people get access to critical legal help. This case study from my time as a Publication Manager at the Legal Services Society (LSS) of British Columbia (BC) could inspire the use of comics outside the development process. In this case, the two departments explored different formats, and ultimately chose the comic form.

NSA releases the source code of the GHIDRA reverse engineering framework

Security Affairs

You can download the GHIDRA source code and its component from the following links: Github — source code Download GHIDRA 9.0 — software package, slides, and exercises Installation Guide — basic usage documentation Cheat Sheet — keyboard shortcuts Issue Tracker — report bugs.

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Can I really rely on my entire workforce to support a recovery?

IT Governance

Clark ( ), editor of January’s book of the month, In Hindsight – A compendium of Business Continuity case studies , which focuses on business continuity and disaster recovery. This is a guest article written by Robert A.

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How to become an ISO 27001 lead implementer

IT Governance

You’ll be given a combination of theoretical study and hands-on work, including group discussions, practical exercises and case studies. If you have some knowledge of ISO 27001 and want to further your career, you should consider becoming an ISO 27001 lead implementer.

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How to start your career in cyber security

IT Governance

This one-day course: Was designed by the same experts who led the world’s first successful ISO 27001 implementation project; Gives you the opportunity to participate in group discussions and practical exercises, and review case studies; and.

How to start your career in cyber security

IT Governance

Study. Books and e-learning courses might be better options, as they allow you to study specific topics at your own pace. This one-day course is delivered by an experienced information security practitioner, and combines formal training, practical exercises and relevant case studies.

Understanding the differences between ISO 27001 and ISO 27002

IT Governance

This blog explains why that’s the case, helping you understand how each standard works and the differences between them. You’ll learn from expert information security consultants and have the chance to review case studies and participate in group discussions and practical exercises.

What Should Be The Core Competencies For Cybersecurity For C-Suite

Cyber Info Veritas

In the case of security professionals, they must be equipped with the necessary bandwidth to increase the alerting threshold and investigate alerts. This exercise should be as practical as possible rather than using a completely theoretical approach.

4 ways ISO 27001 can enhance your business

IT Governance

You’ll learn how to implement ISO 27001 in nine steps and have the opportunity to get involved in group discussions, practical exercises and case studies.

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The Power of the Record

Brandeis Records Manager

This may be an exercise in preaching to the RM/IG choir, but here goes…. Each year, we have excellent conferences–ARMA, AIIM, MER–I’ve attended them all multiple times, and they can be counted on for great sessions, engaging vendor floors, insights, leading edge case studies, keynote inspiration, and collegiality. George Despres, CRM. Program Director for University Records Management, Brandeis University.

The 50% adoption ceiling for Enterprise 2.0


Adoption Council) have released some interesting case studies and field data from large enterprises who have actively embarked on implementing Web 2.0 In essence, the social business phenomenon is real, but all stakeholders vested in the market would be well-advised to exercise some patience in expecting game-changing results.".

Centre Discusses the Risk-Based Approach to Privacy and APEC-EU Interoperability at IAPP Brussels

Hunton Privacy

She also explained the ongoing follow-up work to the Referential, whereby the working group is conducting case studies with the help of several companies that have or are seeking dual certification/approval under the CBPR and BCRs. The purpose of this exercise is to test the usefulness of the Referential and to consider what additional practical tools might be developed to enable companies to leverage compliance with one system into more efficient approval under the other.

Regulatory Update: NAIC Fall 2018 National Meeting

Data Matters

At issue is the applicability of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania’s decision in the case of Warrantech Consumer Products Services, Inc. Instead, RITF decided to monitor developments in the pending cases and to research the extent to which the Pennsylvania statute at issue in Warrantech differs from similar laws in other states.

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APEC Privacy Update – Beijing Meetings

Hunton Privacy

The DPS received a positive outcomes report of a study on the compatibility of Australia’s privacy regime with participation in the CBPR system that may set the stage for Australia’s future participation in the system. Similar studies may be performed on other APEC economies that are considering joining the system.