New book tackles the challenges of discovery in the (post-Google) era


Facet Publishing announce the release of Resource Discovery for the Twenty-First Century Library: Case studies and perspectives on the role of IT in user engagement and empowerment, edited by Simon McLeish. 129.95 | eBook: 9781783301409.

A straightforward and pragmatic guide to leadership, management and teamwork


This book translates theories in teamwork, management and leadership into practical guidance backed up with examples and case studies from current library and information workers globally. The book covers management and leadership ideas, tools and techniques, and examples and case studies are provided from a wide range of libraries and information services in the UK and across the world.? 199.95 | eBook: 9781783303984.

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New guide to improving library services using key library assessment methodologies


The different assessment methods are presented from a practical perspective with a theoretical grounding, and include practical case studies to illustrate how the methodologies have successfully been applied. 129.95 | eBook: 9781783302222. New book on improving library services with assessment data. Facet Publishing announces the publication of Putting Library Assessment Data to Work by Selena Killick and Frankie Wilson.

Major Telecom Provider Boosts Productivity by 400% with Kofax Kapow Robotic Process Automation Software

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For more information: Global Telecommunications Provider Switches to a Faster, More Efficient Approach to Invoicing case study. Power Your Processes: How RPA+Capture Empower Your Customer Journeys eBook.

Spotcap Expedites Lending Decisions Using Kofax Kapow Robotic Process Automation

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For more information: Spotcap Revolutionizes Lending with Flexible and Accessible Financing for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses case study. How Financial Institutions are Improving Operations with Robotic Process Automation eBook.

How to Unite B2B PR and Content Marketing for Powerful Results

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This might be through blog posts that answer key questions or eBooks that delve into deeper industry trends and issues. As propsects move down your funnel, content may include later-stage content such as case studie and webinars. eBooks. Case studies. If you want to generate leads, you'll want to generate leads, think webinars, demos, case studies and other later-stage content. Think your website's blog or eBooks that you create.

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