A Case Study - Db2 for z/OS High-Performance DBATs

Robert's Db2

That implementation effort has involved a good bit of back-and-forth communication between myself and the Db2 administrator, and I saw that it makes for a good case study that touches on many of the issues associated with high-performance DBAT set-up, monitoring and usage. Accordingly, I decided to use this case study as the basis for a blog entry. In that case, however, the packages will be treated by Db2 as though they had been bound with RELEASE(COMMIT).

eRecords 2018: “A Case Study in Data Mapping – Are You Ready for a New Norm?”

The Texas Record

In addition to the benefits Mr. Kiker provided, data mapping improves communication and data sharing within a local government office/state agency and promotes greater efficiency within your business operations. Before taking on this project, apply the lessons learned from KPMG case study so you do not encounter the same issues that slowed them down.

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Google Apps-based intranet: Ahold case study


Since then I've shared some interesting case studies about companies using Salesforce Chatter and Microsoft Yammer. Thanks to Entopic, I can now point you to a case study presented by James Nunn at their Congress Intranet 2013 conference about Ahold. But again as other case studies have shown, this hasn't stopped Ahold from getting on with the job of using the Google stack to run its intranet.

Case study: The Hub by SAS


In a case study they explain that SAS had a number of requirements, including: "All communications would have to be maintained behind the firewall (for security reasons) while seamlessly integrating with other internal business systems such as SharePoint.". SAS launched The Hub, based on Socialcast , in 2011.

Disrupting Call Center Fraud With Voice Biometrics

Data Breach Today

Nuance Communications and Royal Bank of Scotland Share a Case Study Jason Costain of the Royal Bank of Scotland and Brett Beranek of Nuance Communications share a real world example of mitigating fraud with voice biometrics in a call center

Comics for Consumer Communication


The rising popularity of the comic as an internal communication device for designers has increased our ability to engage our stakeholders as we build interfaces. In situations where traditional printed matter is a barrier, graphical methods can be used very effectively to communicate with audiences. In some cases, the comic book format has been used as a way to help people get access to critical legal help.

New choices, new directions: Piloting the 2018 Mexican Government Web Archive


Because of the nature of this project as a pilot and its limited size and scope, it has been challenging to communicate these restraints to project stakeholders, especially to the advisory committee and other colleagues wanting to contribute selection ideas to the project. Taking this archival, contextual approach helped Natalie as project manager to communicate the reason that this project, in its nature, will be “incomplete.” Case Studies

“Make It Weird”: Building a collaborative public library web archive in an arts & counterculture community


This helped to broaden the number of librarians familiar with the Archive-It software in general, but also got the wheels turning amongst our reference and circulation staffs–our front lines of communication with the public–in particular. by Dylan Gaffney, Forbes Library.

Web archiving and public knowledge: Collaborating with Vancouver Island Archive-It partners


Carol Rollins (Law and Government Publications Librarian, University of Victoria), Matt Huculak (Digital Scholarship Librarian, University of Victoria), and Dana McFarland (Librarian & Coordinator, E-Resources & Scholarly Communication, Vancouver Island University) presented: “Web Archiving & Public Knowledge in Our Regions: Collections & Communities, Transformations & Relationships.” Case Studies Collaborative Collecting

Archiving the Web @EBRPL: Creating and following a web collecting policy in a public library


The Section 108 Study Group recommends collectors give content creators the right to opt out of having their content collected or made publically available. Archiving Spontaneous Events Case Studies Community WebsBy Emily Ward, Digital Archivist, East Baton Rouge Parish Library.

A massive accounting hack kept clients offline and in the dark

Information Management Resources

Last week, a cyberattack took down software provider Wolters Klumer NV and presented a case study in how not to communicate with customers over a hack. Data security Cyber security Cyber attacks Malware

[Podcast] What's it like to be a University Records Officer?


We finish off the episode with a brief case study. You’ll hear about how Microsoft worked with the global beauty company L’Oréal to help them expand and improve their collaboration and interdepartmental communication with Microsoft Teams.

e-Records 2020 Call for Presentations

The Texas Record

The conference gathers records management and information technology staff from the state and local level together to learn from each other by sharing case studies, solutions, best practices, challenges, and lessons learned. This year the annual e-Records conference is online!

Poster boy for Information Governance


Years ago, while teaching a course to MBA students at Rice University, I used the Target credit card breach as a case study. Certainly an argument for an Information Governance case study of just the Clinton email investigation and its aftermath. It touched a lot of bases. Now we have a better one.

e-Records 2019 Call for Presentations

The Texas Record

The one-day conference gathers records management and information technology staff from the state and local level together to learn from each other by sharing case studies, solutions, best practices, challenges, and lessons learned. TSLAC and DIR are looking for learner-focused presentations that build core skills and share practical knowledge and experience related to digital collaboration, communication, security, and retention.

Identifying People by Metadata

Schneier on Security

Abstract: Metadata are associated to most of the information we produce in our daily interactions and communication in the digital world.

Essential guidance to prevent business continuity disasters

IT Governance

Examples of business continuity disasters include: Fuel crisis; Communications failure; Industrial action; and. January’s book of the month, In Hindsight: A compendium of Business Continuity case studies , is an essential guide for anyone working in business continuity planning or disaster recovery. A range of internal and external risks could negatively impact your organisation and interfere with the normal running of your business.

MITRE evaluates Enterprise security products using the ATT&CK Framework

Security Affairs

In the first phase, MITRE offered the possibility to evaluate the service and its efficiency on a case study on APT3/Gothic Panda cyber espionage group. During the evaluation, MITRE and the vendor are in open communication.”

Q&A: The troubling implications of normalizing encryption backdoors — for government use

The Last Watchdog

Machine to machine connection and communication needs to be authenticated to access systems, so this technology is where the rubber meets the road, with respect to this debate. In this case it’s an encryption key. Venafi: Cambridge Analytica is just an amazing case study of what can happen when machines can actually pull all this information together, and the massive power of that.

CIPL Releases Report on Effective Data Privacy Accountability

Hunton Privacy

The Report also includes 46 case studies from 17 participating organizations from different sectors, geographies and sizes – including two SMEs and a university. Project participants consider the CIPL Accountability Framework to be an ideal and well-established architecture to build, organize, measure and communicate an effective data privacy management program that translates legal requirements into actionable controls.

Analyzing AZORult malware using NSA Ghidra suite

Security Affairs

Cybaze-Yoroi ZLAB malware researchers decided to use the NSA Ghidra suite in a real case study, the analysis of the AZORult malware. Cybaze -Yoroi ZLAB team also decided to play around with it, but this time using a real case study, AZORult : one of the most active threats spreading nowadays, always using new methodologies to avoid detection. Figure 2: Communication of the malware with the C2. Figure 7: Communication routine with the C2 and hardcoded address.

Singapore Updates Its Model Artificial Intelligence Governance Framework

Data Protection Report

Stakeholder interaction and communication: strategies for communicating with an organisation’s stakeholders concerning the use of AI. Such examples are drawn from a variety of industries – ranging from banking and finance, healthcare to technology and transportation, and are based on different use cases, thereby reinforcing the neutral and flexible nature of the framework. . (2) The Compendium of Use Cases.

How to become an ISO 27001 lead implementer

IT Governance

You’ll be given a combination of theoretical study and hands-on work, including group discussions, practical exercises and case studies. If you have some knowledge of ISO 27001 and want to further your career, you should consider becoming an ISO 27001 lead implementer.

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SonyATV Music Publishing Selects Square 9® Softworks as Enterprise Content Management Partner

Document Imaging Report

Square 9 is proud to provide SonyATV with proven enterprise-level document management solutions that have enabled everyday business operations to be completed effectively, accurately, and with less strain on staff,” said Lauren Ford, Corporate Communications Manager of Square 9 Marketing.

DriveTime Automotive Group Selects Square 9? Softworks as Exclusive Enterprise Content Management Partner

Document Imaging Report

Square 9 is proud to provide DriveTime with proven enterprise-level document management solutions that have enabled everyday business operations to be completed effectively, accurately, and with less strain on staff,” said Lauren Ford, Corporate Communications Manager of Square 9 Marketing. “As To learn more about DriveTime’s implementation of Square 9’s solutions, visit www.square-9.com/case-studies/globalsearch-auto-loans/. NEW HAVEN, CONN.,

Innovation in service delivery - PatchworkHQ pilot in Victoria


When I joined Ripple Effect Group in 2009 (then known as Headshift), one of the company's case studies that immediately resonated with me was Patient Opinion. There was nothing like it in Australia and if you've been following me for a while, you'll know I've often featured it as a case study of what we can do when we think beyond getting government agencies on to Facebook and Twitter.

EUROPE: New privacy rules for connected vehicles in Europe?

DLA Piper Privacy Matters

The latest evolution of digital technologies, such as robotics, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, high-performance computers and powerful communication networks leads self-driving cars out of an imaginary world and into our daily lives. Following this communication, the European Parliament adopted a resolution on autonomous driving in European transport (2018/2089(INI)). The draft guidelines conclude with some case studies.

Major Telecom Provider Boosts Productivity by 400% with Kofax Kapow Robotic Process Automation Software

Document Imaging Report

Kapow robots interact seamlessly across desktop software, traditional enterprise and browser-based systems, and web sites, automating processes, aggregating data, transforming it into actionable information, triggering responses, and communicating with other applications. For more information: Global Telecommunications Provider Switches to a Faster, More Efficient Approach to Invoicing case study.

Ireland: New DPC Guidance Sets Regulatory Expectations around Use of Website Cookies

DLA Piper Privacy Matters

The survey sought to establish how organisations have been collecting consent in order to place and access cookies on their websites, as well as how they have been communicating this to users. Further to the decision by the Court of Justice (CJEU) Fashion ID case, and confirmed in the DPCs report, third parties that process personal data in cookies via embedding a plugin in another party’s website, can be considered a joint controller in relation to that data.


4 ways ISO 27001 can enhance your business

IT Governance

Assigning and communicating roles and responsibilities is important, because that’s how employees in the company will know what is expected of them, what their impact is on information security and how they can contribute. You’ll learn how to implement ISO 27001 in nine steps and have the opportunity to get involved in group discussions, practical exercises and case studies.

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CM Summit NYC in June: Agenda Is Live

John Battelle's Searchblog

I'm excited about of the mix of one-on-one interviews, hand-picked case studies, and focused discussions with leaders from major brand advertisers, agencies, and digital media companies. I'm pleased to announce the agenda of our 5th CM Summit: Marketing in Real Time.

How to Unite B2B PR and Content Marketing for Powerful Results

OpenText Information Management

Crisis communications. Corporate communications. As propsects move down your funnel, content may include later-stage content such as case studie and webinars. Case studies. If you want to generate leads, you'll want to generate leads, think webinars, demos, case studies and other later-stage content. There’s an interesting proverb that I stumbled on recently: “When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion.”

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Infor launches Ming.le - focusing on a social user experience for enterprise systems


and seeing some solid case studies, its hard to comment on how well this user experience works in practice. But bearing in mind that corporate communications and marketing departments (and to a lesser extent HR) have often been driving the use of enterprise social platforms as employee engagement tools, it will be interesting to watch how well vendors like Infor can address the transformation needed to make purposeful collaboration work

Creating and nourishing a DevOps culture: key takeaways for agencies


Trust all levels of the organization and ensure open communication so that everyone is heard. Showcase case studies, especially local or homegrown examples, sharing successes and failures alike. Creating and nourishing a DevOps culture: key takeaways for agencies. ravi.kumarv@cgi.com. Tue, 10/16/2018 - 09:15. Federal agencies are dealing with a lot of change right now.

Webinar: Simple Ways to Turn Your Records Liaisons Into Records Ambassadors

The Texas Record

Description: A difficult obstacle to a successful records management program is creating clear channels of communication. This case study shows how the launch, and eventual revamping, of this program has impacted records management across Denton County. In July, some staff were fortunate enough to attend the annual NAGARA Conference in Boise, ID. One of the sessions we attended was a presentation by Holly Dolan, Assistant Manager of Records Management for Denton County.

Leonardi & Treem: Understanding the barriers to success and benefits of enterprise social software


I just discovered some work by Paul Leonardi, a professor of communication at Northwestern University with an appointment at the Kellogg School in the US, who has been researching what he calls ''Enterprise Social Media'' (ESM). Because ESM afford the visibility and persistence of communicative actions, they expand the range of people, networks, and texts from whom people can learn across the organization.

The Power of the Record

Brandeis Records Manager

Each year, we have excellent conferences–ARMA, AIIM, MER–I’ve attended them all multiple times, and they can be counted on for great sessions, engaging vendor floors, insights, leading edge case studies, keynote inspiration, and collegiality. We need to break out of our professional ranks and communicate our message in spaces like KM, libraries, information ethics, and others, as we have done to an extent with info security, legal, and historical archives.

Connected Customer 360 Profiles for Retail & Luxury Brands


And, they are empowering their teams with access to unified, real-time, preference-rich and connected customer 360 profiles, including consent and communication preferences. Without access to unified, real-time, preference-rich connected customer 360 profiles, including consent and communication preferences, powering their operations or their analytics, it was difficult to answer these basic questions: Is this customer lookup reliable?

Virgin America and the New Intranet


I think this can create a misconception that ESNs are simply about employee engagement (as some of the early case studies suggested) or worse just for sharing jokes (a situation one law firm told me that this was all that their microblogging platform was used for). Sometimes a picture - or in this case a video - paints a better story. The way they communicate is mobile phone, with a tablet, when someone is waiting on a crew bus.

Best value procurement recognizes vendors as experts


As the failure of large information and communications technology (ICT) projects has become a matter of public discussion in several countries, the Best Value Procurement (BVP) approach is gaining rapid ground. A case study by the Performance Based Studies Research Group at Arizona State University documented that BVP is highly successful, with client satisfaction levels of 98%. Best value procurement recognizes vendors as experts. narmada.devarajan.