Cryptolocking WordPress Plugin Locks Up Blog Posts


A new type of malicious plugin has been spotted in the wild with the capability of targeting individual blog posts. Cryptography Malware Web Security blog posts cryptolocking Encryption malicious plugin malware Sucuri wordpress wpsecurity

RSA 2019 Blog Series: Securing Microservices

Thales eSecurity

Every once in a while, a new transformative architecture emerges, which challenges how we think about applications and our understanding of how to build and operate them securely. What are the requirements of secure microservices? Data security

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GUEST ESSAY: Strategic tactics are key to a robust Cloud Security Posture Management regime

The Last Watchdog

Editor’s note : This is an excerpt from Cybersecurity – Attack and Defense Strategies, Second Edition , a detailed overview of Cloud Security Posture Management ( CSPM ) and an assessment of the current threat landscape. Understand the Business The more you know about your business, the better you can secure it. Yuri Diogenes is a Senior Program Manager at C+AI Security and a Professor at EC-Council University. Best Practices Book Excerpts Guest Blog Post Top Storie

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Data Governance Makes Data Security Less Scary


Now, as Cybersecurity Awareness Month comes to a close – and ghosts and goblins roam the streets – we thought it a good time to resurrect some guidance on how data governance can make data security less scary. Happy Halloween! Do you know where your data is? What data you have?

GUEST ESSAY: Addressing DNS, domain names and Certificates to improve security postures

The Last Watchdog

s Cybersecurity Centre, ICANN, and other notable security experts. Our most recent Domain Name Security report featuring insights from the defense, media, and financial sectors illustrates the risk trends. •Do Security goes beyond the firewall, not just behind it.

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Top 7 Data Governance and Metadata Management Blog Posts of 2019


To help you prepare for 2020, we’ve compiled some of the most popular data governance and metadata management blog posts from the erwin Experts from this year. The Best Data Governance and Metadata Management Blog Posts of 2019. erwin Expert Blog data governance metadata management

Own Your Cloud Security

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Secure. theme will help to encourage personal accountability and proactive behavior in digital privacy, security best practices, common cyber threats and cybersecurity careers. Specifically, AWS is responsible for the “security of the cloud”. Data security

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Imperva Alerts Customers About 'Security Incident'

Data Breach Today

Data for Certain Users of Cloud Web Application Firewall Exposed Security firm Imperva is notifying some of its Cloud Web Application Firewall customers about a "security incident" that exposed certain data, CEO Chris Hylen reports in a blog post.

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Record Retention a key component of privacy and cyber compliance program via bn blogs.

IG Guru

The post Record Retention a key component of privacy and cyber compliance program via bn blogs. Audit Breach Business CCPA Compliance GDPR IG News Information Governance information privacy information security Privacy Record Retention Records Management Risk News data protection

Security is Job 1

OpenText Information Management

In … The post Security is Job 1 appeared first on OpenText Blogs. Businesses are operating in a zero-trust environment. Every year, the World Economic Forum releases its Global Risks Report to identify and analyze the most pressing risks that the world faces.

Guest Blog: End-to-End Data Encryption with Data Reduction from Thales & Pure Storage

Thales eSecurity

At the 2019 RSA Conference, Pure Storage and Thales introduced Vormetric Transparent Encryption for Efficient Storage – the IT and security industries’ first end-to-end data encryption framework that realizes storage array data reduction. Data security

BEST PRACTICES: 6 physical security measures every company needs

The Last Watchdog

It has never been more important to invest in proper security for your business. Laws surrounding the personal data of individuals such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) put the onus on companies to ensure that both digital and physical copies of data are secure at all times. Here are six physical security measures that you can put in place to help keep your company secure. One great security measure that any business can implement is ID cards for staff.

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Payments and Security: Putting security where your money is

Thales eSecurity

This troubling reality, one of many findings in the 2019 Thales Global Data Threat Report , provides a stark look at the state of payments security – and leaves a lot of data vulnerable. The fact is, the internet wasn’t originally built with security in mind. Data security

I Just Won the European Security Blogger Award Grand Prix Prize for the Best Overall Security Blog!

Troy Hunt

But somehow, I wiggled my way into The European Security Blogger Awards and before even having a chance to come down off the high that was last week's Award for Information Security Excellence at the AusCERT conference in Australia , this happened: @troyhunt hey mate, you just won the EU security blogger of the year. Oh - and this guy: With @Scott_Helme (at a different awards night) learning we both just scored at the European Cyber Security Blogger Awards!

Guest Blog: Why it’s Critical to Orchestrate PKI Keys for IoT

Thales eSecurity

Because IoT devices typically have limited CPU and storage capabilities, many devices transmit data in the clear and with limited authentication capabilities to a central collection unit where it can be collected, stored, analyzed and securely transmitted for additional use. Data security

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Security Affairs newsletter Round 230

Security Affairs

The best news of the week with Security Affairs. Hi folk, let me inform you that I suspended the newsletter service, anyway I’ll continue to provide you a list of published posts every week through the blog. Malspam campaign bypasses secure email gateway using Google Docs.

GUEST ESSAY: Pentagon’s security flaws highlighted in GAO audit — and recent data breach

The Last Watchdog

Government Accountability Office audit last week found that the defense department is playing catch up when it comes to securing weapons systems from cyberattacks. And then last Friday, as if to serve as a reminder that even routine security best practices may not be getting the emphasis they deserve, the Pentagon disclosed how attackers manipulated the account of a third-party vendor to access DoD travel records. Being the obvious target that it is, the U.S.

GUEST ESSAY: A guide to implementing best security practices — before the inevitable breach

The Last Watchdog

The headlines immediately attempted to lay the blame, in large part, on the fact that Equifax’s chief information security officer was a music major and did not have a background in technology. In fact, recent research reveals that about 60% of information security stakeholders have an IT background, but about the same amount lack formal technical training[1]. The FTC considers that ‘reasonable security’ doesn’t mean ‘perfect security.’

Cybersecurity Awareness Month Blog Series: Alright boys, it’s time we have “The Talk”

Thales eSecurity

Please be sure to read our CEO Cindy Provin’s recent blog for some good resources. The post Cybersecurity Awareness Month Blog Series: Alright boys, it’s time we have “The Talk” appeared first on Data Security Blog | Thales eSecurity. Data security

NT Analyzer Blog Series: Why So Many Cookie Policies Are Broken, Part I – HTML5 LocalStorage

Data Protection Report

Compliance and risk management Data breach NT Analyzer Blog Series NT Analyzer blog series PrivacyCookies Are One Piece of a Larger Puzzle.

My Blog Now Has a Content Security Policy - Here's How I've Done It

Troy Hunt

I've long been a proponent of Content Security Policies (CSPs). I've used them to fix mixed content warnings on this blog after Disqus made a little mistake , you'll see one adorning Have I Been Pwned (HIBP) and I even wrote a dedicated Pluralsight course on browser security headers. For example, this blog runs on Ghost Pro which is a managed SaaS platform. Security CSP Report URI

Facebook Security Bug Affects 90M Users

Krebs on Security

Facebook said today some 90 million of its users may get forcibly logged out of their accounts after the company fixed a rather glaring security vulnerability in its Web site that may have let attackers hijack user profiles. In a short blog post published this afternoon, Facebook said hackers have been exploiting a vulnerability in Facebook’s site code that impacted a feature called “View As,” which lets users see how their profile appears to other people.

GUEST ESSAY: What your company should know about addressing Kubernetes security

The Last Watchdog

Related podcast: Securing software containers. As beneficial as Kubernetes is for orchestrating containerized environments, a maturing set of security best practices must be adhered to for enterprises to ensure that their applications and data are as safe as possible from emerging vulnerabilities and exploits. Extend container security. About the essayist: Gary Duan is the CTO at NeuVector , a container network security company that protects Kubernetes in production.

Addressing the skills shortage in security

OpenText Information Management

Yet in today’s enterprise security landscape, security leaders have the impossible job of providing security to an organization with increasingly limited resources – including a skills shortage that seems to be on the rise.

GUEST ESSAY: 5 security steps all companies should adopt from the Intelligence Community

The Last Watchdog

Businesses at large would do well to model their data collection and security processes after what the IC refers to as the “intelligence cycle.” The IC has been using this approach to generate reliable and accurate intelligence that is the basis for making vital national security decisions, in particular, those having to do with protecting critical U.S. For consumers For technologists Guest Blog Post Steps forward Top Stories

Cybersecurity Awareness Month Blog Series: It’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month – advice to SMBs

Thales eSecurity

Don’t think you can’t afford a topnotch solution – they’re priced at scale and resellers have access to solutions used to secure the most critical information on the planet. Make sure your business – every employee and vendor that touches it practices good security hygiene.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month Blog Series: Using Technology to Safeguard the Nation’s Critical Infrastructure

Thales eSecurity

Critical infrastructure, as defined by Department of Homeland Security : describes the physical and cyber systems and assets that are so vital to the United States that their incapacity or destruction would have a debilitating impact on our physical or economic security or public health or safety.

Audio Blog: What is Identity?

Architect Security

Today on the blog, we discuss: What is Identity? Personal Security Privacy Social MediaFind out more at my sister-site,

Securing Containers and Multi-Cloud Operations

Thales eSecurity

However, it’s obvious to security teams that the possible attack surface has grown as a result. On-demand, large-scale deployment of IT resources across a mix of public and private clouds means that security vulnerabilities or exploits can often go undetected. Data security

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The Growing Presence (and Security Risks) of IoT

Thales eSecurity

The issue is that these tens of billions of new devices will likely amplify the inherent security risks of IoT. Bad actors can subsequently exploit these security weaknesses to accomplish a number of malicious purposes. Meet security compliance regulations. Data security

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Security experts disclosed Wyze data leak

Security Affairs

The leak was reported to Wyze on December 26th at around 10:00 AM and the company immediately secured the database and launched an investigation. “Today, we are confirming that some Wyze user data was not properly secured and left exposed from December 4th to December 26th.”

Security Affairs newsletter Round 233

Security Affairs

The best news of the week with Security Affairs. Hi folk, let me inform you that I suspended the newsletter service, anyway I’ll continue to provide you a list of published posts every week through the blog. A new round of the weekly newsletter arrived!

Cybersecurity Awareness Month Blog Series: Leading the cybersecurity jobs of the future

Thales eSecurity

A key risk to our economy and security continues to be the shortage of cybersecurity professionals that can safeguard our ever-expanding cyber ecosystem. If organizations can’t attract top cyber talent, the skills shortage is blamed for lax security standards. Data security

Security Affairs newsletter Round 234

Security Affairs

The best news of the week with Security Affairs. Hi folk, let me inform you that I suspended the newsletter service, anyway I’ll continue to provide you a list of published posts every week through the blog. A new round of the weekly newsletter arrived!

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IG GURU makes “Top 15 Dark Web Blogs and Websites To Follow in 2019” via Feedspot

IG Guru

This is the most comprehensive list of Top 15 Dark Web Blogs on the internet and I’m honored to have you as part […]. The post IG GURU makes “Top 15 Dark Web Blogs and Websites To Follow in 2019” via Feedspot appeared first on IG GURU.

Offering Customers Trusted Digital Security

Thales eSecurity

Together, Thales and Gemalto will have the ability to cover the digital needs of our customers and partners, in civilian and defense businesses, across all Thales market segments, with a unique portfolio of advanced technologies in the fields of digital security and the Internet of Things.

Bringing security closer to the data

OpenText Information Management

OpenText also understands that security must be job number one. The company acquired Guidance Software in 2017 and with … The post Bringing security closer to the data appeared first on OpenText Blogs.