Regulatory Update: NAIC Fall 2018 National Meeting

Data Matters

NAIC Continues its Evaluation of Insurers’ Use of Big Data. The Casualty Actuarial and Statistical (C) Task Force exposed for public comment (until January 15, 2019) a draft white paper regarding insurers’ use of predictive modeling, which addresses: (a) the sources of data used by companies; (b) data points selected by companies as inputs for predictive modeling; (c) how the predictive models were developed and the results that they produce; and (d) final rate filings with states.

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A Rich Content Strategy Empowered by Chatbots | everteam.chatbot


Customer service, to be more specific, had witnessed a big improvement with the help of the Chatbot technology. 4- Case studies. Therefore, messaging platforms have a big chance in becoming the dominant channels for pushing content and marketing. It is a matter of data analytics. 1- Define your goals and use case: whether you are developing an informative chatbot or a chatbot that can take orders and make reservations, or both.

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How did we do on the Chief Information Governance Officer (CIGO) Summit?

Barclay T Blair

In one area we could have done better, but I knew that would be the case going in and will explain why. Believe me, this process is not fun and I had many painful conversations with excellent consultants and experts (personal friends in many cases) as to why they could not attend. For example, our next big event, InfoGovCon15 is inexpensive ($400 or less for 2.5 in each case, higher than 4 out of 5).

APEC Privacy Update – Beijing Meetings

Hunton Privacy

On August 6-10, 2014, the APEC Data Privacy Subgroup (“DPS”) and its parent committee, the Electronic Commerce Steering Group (“ECSG”), met in Beijing, China, for another round of negotiations, meetings and workshops. The DPS received a positive outcomes report of a study on the compatibility of Australia’s privacy regime with participation in the CBPR system that may set the stage for Australia’s future participation in the system.

Ephesoft Launches Context Driven Productivity at Enterprise Productivity Summit

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a leader in content acquisition and data enrichment solutions, today unveiled Context Driven Productivity (CDP), a discipline designed to cultivate the contextual data needed to optimize process automation initiatives.

Finding diamonds in data


Finding diamonds in data. The right data can help cure diseases, make streets safer, improve customer service and create cost savings. It seems there’s nothing we can’t do better with the right data, along with the tools and skills to analyze it. To explore the world of big data and analytics, CGI is launching this blog to talk about new applications where people are getting value from data. Thu, 02/19/2015 - 23:24.

ALL Data as a Service (DaaS/BDaaS) - EAs in a New Role, as DaaS Enablers

Interactive Information Management

But most of all, you'd like to pay only for the data and the way it's delivered to you - not for a bunch of information technology products and services, hardware and software. You want data-as-a-service, as a consumer; i.e. explicit data units delivered via affordable service units. ALL DATA. The provider creates, shapes and deploys the opportunities for value-enablement of specific data assets. daas bdaas daas data as a service EA

Sharing best practices in our new Data to Diamonds book


Sharing best practices in our new Data to Diamonds book. Making effective use of big data has become a top priority for commercial and government organizations. Having worked on many complex data and analytics projects over the years, we have compiled numerous best practices, and developed our Data2Diamonds methodology for the design and implementation of big data analytics solutions. Tue, 12/15/2015 - 07:00.

Establishing Records Management at Brandeis—The First Eighteen Months

Brandeis Records Manager

These ranged from one-on-ones to a surprise fifty-person audience of administrators for an entire school (my meeting invitation indicated eight people attending, and I walked into a function hall—should have cased the joint). In one case, we had an oversized vendor truck get stuck between a building, a ledge, and a tree for about twenty-five minutes. I believe that we need less generic “Big Data!” George Despres, University Records Manager, Brandeis University.

Welcome to Relativity Fest 2019!: eDiscovery Trends

eDiscovery Daily

Chief legal officers provide a unique perspective, and to analyze that perspective, Relativity and the FTI Technology business unit of FTI Consulting commissioned a study by Ari Kaplan Advisors, surveying general counsel on a wide variety of legal issues affecting business and the legal profession. Limiting the study to chief legal officers, the survey covered topics ranging from the technical competence of legal teams to preparedness for cyberattacks. Supreme Court case, Georgia v.