Analysis: Self-Driving Tractors at Risk of Being Hacked

Data Breach Today

This edition of the ISMG Security Report offers an analysis of how tractors manufactured by John Deere are at risk of being hacked.

IoT devices at major Manufacturers infected with crypto-miner

Security Affairs

Hackers have infected with a piece of malware some IoT devices running Windows 7 designed by three of the world’s largest manufacturers. The experts reported that several IoT devices at some major manufacturers have been infected with a cryptocurrency miner in October 2019.


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Analysis: The Security of 5G Devices, Networks

Data Breach Today

Security Experts Outline Their Concerns So far, much of the discussion about 5G security has focused on avoiding the use of technology from Chinese manufacturers, including Huawei and ZTE. But security experts are increasingly concerned that 5G network and device providers rushing products to market aren't devoting enough attention to security

GDPR in manufacturing: Where to start, threats and opportunities

OpenText Information Management

Although it seems like we’ve been talking about this new legislation for a long time, companies in every sector have been slow to react, with almost a third of small UK manufacturers not even beginning GDPR preparations. … The post GDPR in manufacturing: Where to start, threats and opportunities appeared first on OpenText Blogs. There are now less than three months left until the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force.

ABC Analysis

Ascent Innovations

What is ABC Analysis? How is ABC Analysis applied? Benefits of ABC Analysis. Smarter management of working capital: ABC analysis leads to asmartermanagement of working capital to manage optimal on-hand inventory and safety stocks, based on the consumption pattern and lead-times.

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Breakdown of a Break-in: A Manufacturer's Ransomware Response

Dark Reading

The analysis of an industrial ransomware attack reveals common tactics and proactive steps that businesses can take to avoid similar incidents

Malicious PDF Analysis

Security Affairs

In the last few days I have done some analysis on malicious documents, especially PDF. Then I thought, “Why not turn a PDF analysis into an article?” Because the manufacturer’s analysis was not satisfactory, the team responsible for handling the incident requested a second opinion, since in other anti-virus tools the document was reported to be malicious. SecurityAffairs – PDF analysis, hacking).

VxWorks TCP/IP Stack Vulnerability Poses Major Manufacturing Risk

Dark Reading

A new analysis shows the scale of risk posed by networking vulnerabilities in a popular embedded real-time operating system

Agile for Small and Medium-Sized Manufacturing Companies

Perficient Data & Analytics

I’ve had the pleasure of working with many small and mid-sized manufacturers. They do all the right up-front analysis. Customer Experience Data & Analytics Integration & IT Modernization Manufacturing Strategy agile agile approach agile framework agile manufacturing manufacturing medium-sized manufacturing small manufacturingThese companies are typically much more flexible and able to mobilize quickly compared to their larger counterparts.

Sandboxing: Advanced Malware Analysis in 2021

eSecurity Planet

To fill this gap and aid in the analysis, detection, and testing of malware, sandboxing is widely used to give organizations the setting, isolation, and security tools needed to preserve the integrity of the host network. Most include common security tools like: Threat analysis.

Digital Transformation in a Global Manufacture Organization

Perficient Data & Analytics

In each industry and even the whole economics system, digitization and intelligentization have become buzz-words, and it will help the manufacture industry upgrade its production, management and efficiency to the next level. With strong Consulting and system integration capability, Perficient has played an important role in boosting the digital transformation for China manufacturing clients. All of the data acquisition SHOULD be agreed by the manufacture’s clients.

Winnti Group was planning a devastating supply-chain attack against Asian manufacturer

Security Affairs

Winnti Group is back with a new modular Win backdoor that was used to infect the servers of a high-profile Asian mobile hardware and software manufacturer. Security experts at ESET revealed that Winnti Group continues to update its arsenal, they observed that the China-linked APT group using a new modular Windows backdoor that they used to infect the servers of a high-profile Asian mobile hardware and software manufacturer. ” continues the analysis.

#ModernDataMasters: Martin Squires, The Analysis Foundry


Just like in the TV programmes like CSI where the analysts solve crimes by a combination of analysis and field work, there is no better way of understanding what is going on than going into the real-world for example visiting shops or listening into call-centre conversations. You might be asked a question but you learn over the years to drill into a bit more because a request for a “simple” piece of analysis is very often not straightforward. Kate Tickner, Reltio.

Tip: Dashboard Page for CIP Account Analysis in Cloud Projects


One in particular is the Dashboard Page for CIP Account Analysis. If run out of the box, the Dashboard Page for CIP Account Analysis will complete in error (summarized below): ERROR. This will clear the error and you can successfully display the Dashboard Page for CIP Account Analysis from Assets. When standing up a new Cloud Projects environment some of the analytics are not ready for prime time. There are a few steps that need to be performed before they will work.

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NEW TECH: ICS zero-day flaws uncovered by Nozomi Networks’ analysis of anomalous behaviors

The Last Watchdog

And not just of power plants and utilities, but also in the firmware and software that run manufacturing plants of all types and sizes, Carcano told me. Andrea Carcano’s journey to co-founding a security company in the vanguard of defending critical infrastructure began at a tender age. Related: Why the Golden Age of cyber spying is here Carcano hacked a computer screen at age 14, and that got him intrigued by software controls.

Spotting RATs: Delphi wrapper makes the analysis harder

Security Affairs

Experts observed an increase of the malware spreading using less-known archive types as dropper,in particular ISO image.Delphi wrapper makes analysis harder. Recently, our monitoring operations discovered an interesting attack wave leveraging this technique, especially due to the particular impersonification the attacker was trying: he/they was mimicking an important Italian Manufacturing company. Technical Analysis. Check against malware analysis tools.

'Smart' Factories Could Face Unique Attacks: Report

Data Breach Today

FDA Reveals Steps to Bolster Medical Device Cybersecurity

Data Breach Today

Playbook' Prepared; Data Sharing Efforts Planned In its ongoing quest to improve the state of medical device cybersecurity, the FDA has announced a number of key moves - including the release of a security "playbook," plans to leverage information sharing and analysis organizations and an effort to update its 2014 premarket guidance for manufacturers

Part 1: OMG! Not another digital transformation article! Is it about understanding the business drivers?

ARMA International

ARMA defines information as “Data that has been given value through analysis, interpretation, or compilation in a meaningful form” (ARMA 2016, p 28). DRM is used by publishers, manufacturers and IP owners for digital content and device monitoring” (Techopedia 2021). Abstract.

ICS Attackers Set To Inflict More Damage With Evolving Tactics


While it remains difficult to attack critical infrastructure successfully, adversaries aim to use past experience to launch more destructive future attacks, according to analysis. Critical Infrastructure Hacks Malware Vulnerabilities Crash Override cyber attacks dragos Electrical grid future tactics ICS malware manufacturing NotPetya power plants Stuxnet Trisis Triton ukraine utilities

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Infosource Expands Americas Team

Document Imaging Report

Richards has over 20 years of experience within the office technology market in the areas of product development, market research, and competitive analysis. Press Releases Market Analysis MFPs MPS personnel scannersHires experienced analyst Barbara Richards to head up hardware division.

Infosource Expands Americas Team

Document Imaging Report

Richards has over 20 years of experience within the office technology market in the areas of product development, market research, and competitive analysis. Press Releases Market Analysis MFPs MPS personnel scannersHires experienced analyst Barbara Richards to head up hardware division.

Millions of Android Devices Are Vulnerable Out of the Box

WIRED Threat Level

Android smartphones from Asus, LG, Essential, and ZTE are the focus of a new analysis about risks from firmware bugs introduced by manufacturers and carriers. Security

Infosource Acquires Document Imaging Report

Document Imaging Report

Acquiring DIR helps round out our offerings, bringing onboard a publication to complement our expert document-centric hardware and software market analysis,” said Johann Hoepfner, Managing Director of Infosource. Press Releases Capture ECM Market Analysis Mergers and Acquisitions

Agile BI & Analytics is the Need of the Hour – Drive insights during Pandemic Uncertainty


Virtual Shopping metrics around Shoppers, Market Basket analysis.

Sharp Earns Astounding 14 Buyers Lab Winter 2020 Pick Awards

Document Imaging Report

Additionally, Sharp is the current holder of the 2018 – 2021 Buyers Lab Most Reliable Monochrome Copier MFP Brand, which is presented to one manufacturer every three years. Press Releases Market Analysis MFPsReceives the most Winter 2020 Pick awards in the industry. MONTVALE, N.J.,

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#ModernDataMasters: Mike Evans, Chief Technology Officer


Mike Evans is CTO and Founder at Comma Group and has spent more than a decade in the business analysis, MDM and data management space. As an aspiring Project Manager, I was asked to work on an analysis project to understand why some recent initiatives weren’t achieving expected results. Kate Tickner, Reltio. What is your background and what was your route into data management? I never consciously chose to work in data.

MDM 63

NSO Group Hacked

Schneier on Security

NSO Group, the Israeli cyberweapons arms manufacturer behind the Pegasus spyware — used by authoritarian regimes around the world to spy on dissidents, journalists, human rights workers, and others — was hacked. Citizen Lab conducted an independent analysis.

Kodak Alaris Claims Prestigious 2020 Scanner Line of the Year Award from the Analysts at Keypoint Intelligence – Buyers Lab

Document Imaging Report

Scanners from Kodak Alaris enable businesses of all shapes and sizes to extend business process automation to the point of capture,” said Lee Davis, Keypoint Intelligence’s Senior Editor, Scanner Analysis and Software Evaluation. Press Releases Market Analysis scannersROCHESTER, N.Y.,

7 Reasons Why Businesses Should Adopt A Modern MDM Platform


A leading PC & printer manufacturer & re-seller created a single global view of accounts. The Customer and Vehicle Master helped the client’s marketing team execute better targeted campaigns and allowed the merchandising department refine inventory acquisition targets based on more complex demand analysis. An American diversified global insurer created a holistic view of their brokers for better segmentation, compensation elasticity and retention analysis, all in four weeks.

MDM 52

Special Master Declines to Order Defendant to Use TAR, Rules on Other Search Protocol Disputes: eDiscovery Case Law

eDiscovery Daily

In this emissions test class action involving an automobile manufacturer, the plaintiffs proposed that the defendants use predictive coding/TAR, asserting that TAR yields significantly better results than either traditional human “eyes on” review of the full data set or the use of search terms.

Black Hat insights: How to shift security-by-design to the right, instead of left, with SBOM, deep audits

The Last Watchdog

A bill of materials is a complete list of the components used to manufacture a product. However, SBOMs are rudimentary when compared to the BOMs associated with manufacturing just about everything else we expect to be safe and secure: food, buildings, medical equipment, medicines and transportation vehicles. This complex, highly dynamic assembly process is light years away from the static, linear way software used to get manufactured.

Meet Perficient’s Chief Strategists: Arvind Murali


Or, if our manufacturing clients can simulate their components digitally and use analytics to enhance productivity, that increases their efficiency. Every data strategy focuses on three areas to optimize business outcomes: Identifying which data sets are available for analysis and – more importantly – which are not. Thrilling our clients with innovation and impact – it’s not just rhetoric. This belief is instrumental for our clients’ success.

MDM 27

How To Solve The Cybersecurity Skills Shortage

Cyber Info Veritas

Sharing My Experience For example, the Pharmaceutical manufacturing company I use to work for had alliances with several community colleges to provide these hands-on experience to these students. Because my company was growing at a fast pace due to the demand on the products we were manufacturing, we were required to grow our in-house IT personnel and skills at the same pace, which was a challenge. We’ve all read and heard somewhere about the cybersecurity skills shortage.

INFRA:HALT flaws impact OT devices from hundreds of vendors

Security Affairs

IN FRA:HALT is a set of vulnerabilities affecting a popular TCP/IP library commonly OT devices manufactured by more than 200 vendors.

Proposed Changes to FDA Guidance for the Content of Premarket Submissions for Management of Cybersecurity in Medical Devices: What you Should Know

HL Chronicle of Data Protection

This coincided with release of the FDA-supported “ Medical Device Cybersecurity Regional Incident Preparedness and Response Playbook ” for health delivery organizations (HDOs), the announcement of two new Information Sharing Analysis Organizations (ISAOs), and FDA’s recent news release discussing the agency’s enhanced cybersecurity partnership with the U.S.

93 Percent of Legal Professionals Surveyed by Consilio Think AI Will Be Helpful to Legal: eDiscovery Trends

eDiscovery Daily

When you travel to Dallas for the Masters Conference (which is today) and forget your laptop charger, then make a trip to Best Buy to get a replacement — only to get back to the hotel and find out that the one you bought doesn’t fit your laptop (even though it listed the laptop manufacturer on the package) you wind up typing your blog post on the hotel computer in the Business Center. Analysis Electronic DiscoveryThe things I do to get a blog post out.

Hades ransomware gang targets big organizations in the US

Security Affairs

Accenture security researchers published an analysis of the latest Hades campaign, which is ongoing since at least December 2020. . ” reads the analysis published by Accenture.

How Illumina re-invented IT to support data innovation

Information Management Resources

Illumina, the global gene sequencing company, develops and manufactures tools and systems for large-scale DNA analysis. Norm Fjeldheim spoke about the role of IT—and of the CIO—in enabling business and product innovation. Data strategy Data management Data science

Experts show how to bypass Windows Hello feature to login on Windows 10 PCs

Security Affairs

” states the analysis published by the experts. Enhanced Sign-in Security is a new security feature in Windows which requires specialized hardware, drivers, and firmware that are pre-installed on the system by device manufacturers in the factory.