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The Internet of Things (IoT): Managing the Data Tsunami


Yet along that path there will be numerous obstacles to overcome – chiefly related to data privacy and governance. The Internet-of-Things has the potential to transform a range of industries – from automotive and agriculture through to healthcare, home appliances and insurance services. For example, data collected by wearable health-tracking devices has become of increasing importance and value to providers of life and medical insurance.

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Knock, Knock; Who’s There? – IoT Device Identification & Data Integrity Is No Joke

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The use of IoT technologies holds enormous potential in practically every segment of human enterprise – government, banking and finance, healthcare, retail, agriculture, and ecommerce to name a few. This is why many government and industry data security regulations and mandates call for a root of trust using certified hardware security modules (HSMs). The Internet of Things (IoT) is very crowded. Connected devices outnumber people.

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