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FBI warns of ransomware attacks targeting the food and agriculture sector

Security Affairs

FBI warns ransomware gangs are actively targeting organizations in the food and agriculture sector. Small farms, large producers, processors and manufacturers, and markets and restaurants are particularly exposed to ransomware attacks. hard drive, storage device, the cloud).

Episode 215-1: Jeremy O’Sullivan of Kytch On The Tech Serving McDonald’s Ice Cream Monopoly

The Security Ledger

Jeremy O’Sullivan, co-founder of the IoT analytics company, Kytch brings us the cautionary tale of his company’s travails with the commercial ice cream machine manufacturer, Taylor, whose equipment is used by the likes of Burger King and McDonalds.


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List of data breaches and cyber attacks in November 2020 – 586 million records breached

IT Governance

We recorded 103 cyber security incidents in November, which accounted for 586,771,602 leaked records. million) Phil i ppines COVID-19 track and trace app leaks citizens’ data (unknown) Contractor mistakenly removed data from Hong Kong’s Queen Mary Hospital (442) Cloud Clusters Inc.

The Internet of Things (IoT): Managing the Data Tsunami


The Internet-of-Things has the potential to transform a range of industries – from automotive and agriculture through to healthcare, home appliances and insurance services. Continued evolution of chipsets, cloud architectures and AI/ML algorithms will provide evermore scalable storage and computer required to analyse that data. Few would question the merits of an industrial manufacturer using data collected by IoT sensors to safeguard the health and safety of employees.