Case Study: Improving ID and Access Management

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What are some of moves that organizations can make to improve their identity and access management? Veda Sankepally, an IT security manager at managed care company Molina Healthcare, describes critical steps in this case study interview

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Healthcare Case Study: Identity and Access Management

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How can a large healthcare delivery system efficiently handle identity and access management for thousands of clinicians and other users of patient data? Robert Siebenthaler of PeaceHealth explains how his organization, which operates 10 medical centers, has developed a fine-tuned, role-based approach

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Case Studies: Managing Identity With Blockchain

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Pioneers Test Using the Technology for Identity and Access Management Government agencies and private sector organizations around the world are experimenting with the use of blockchain to help manage digital identity.

[Podcast] Pepsi's AP Automation Case Study


On this episode of the AIIM on Air Podcast , we take a look at this interesting case study. Click here to access our full library of episodes. I don't know about you, but when I think of Pepsi, I think of cool and refreshing.

A Case Study - Db2 for z/OS High-Performance DBATs

Robert's Db2

That implementation effort has involved a good bit of back-and-forth communication between myself and the Db2 administrator, and I saw that it makes for a good case study that touches on many of the issues associated with high-performance DBAT set-up, monitoring and usage.

Microsoft’s case study: Emotet took down an entire network in just 8 days

Security Affairs

Microsoft declared that an Emotet attack took down an organization’s network by overheating all the computers and bringing its Internet access down. “We are glad to share the DART Case Report 002: Full Operational Shutdown.

eRecords 2018: “A Case Study in Data Mapping – Are You Ready for a New Norm?”

The Texas Record

IT Security – Cybersecurity; Access Controls; Breach Detection. Before taking on this project, apply the lessons learned from KPMG case study so you do not encounter the same issues that slowed them down.

A Case Study: Implementing a Db2 for z/OS Implicit Trusted Connection

Robert's Db2

The kind of application we're talking about here is one that accesses a Db2 for z/OS server through a TCP/IP link via the IBM Data Server Driver (or its predecessor, Db2 Connect). What is to keep someone from using the application's authorization credentials to connect to the Db2 system from, say, a laptop PC, thereby gaining access to data that should be accessible only through the application?

A Case Study: Measuring the Impact of Db2 for z/OS Buffer Pool Changes

Robert's Db2

Size" refers in this case to aggregate in-Db2 CPU cost of SQL statement execution, and that's easy to determine: for a given workload component (a given connection type), find first the average in-Db2 (i.e., 0.000223 So in this case, aggregate CPU cost of SQL statement execution (in-Db2, or class 2, accounting time is time associated with SQL statement execution) for the DRDA workload component is (0.000169 + 0.000223) * 3620821 = 1419 CPU seconds.

Download Our Newest Comprehensive Case Study on Les Schwab


This case study reveals a typical but complex IG problem: managing the relationships among key IG players, incl uding: Outside law firms that play a central role in approving, blocking, and/or advising on key IG decisions (like information retention and preservation). Click here to access the case study in the IGI Community.

Socialtext case study of a family-owned, industrial company pushing innovation like a dot com


In this case, this Webinar from Socialtext provides a case study on Industrial Mold & Machine who are using mobile access to provide access to their social intranet on the shop floor.

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A Java Program, a COBOL Program, and a DB2 Update - An Interesting Case Study

Robert's Db2

The scenario involved a Java program that accessed a local DB2 for z/OS subsystem (i.e., I think it makes for an interesting case study. In that latter case, then, even an X-lock acquired on the row (or the row's page) by the Java program would not impede the CICS program's subsequent update operation. In that case, the same DB2 thread should be used for the Java-based SELECT and the COBOL-based UPDATE.

COVID-19 collections and resouces: An update for web archivists


Case studies. We look forward to providing a unified access point to all of public Archive-It collections about COVID-19, in order to inspire new kinds of discovery and analysis as well as to reduce duplications of effort. Case Studies Collaborative Collecting COVID-19 How To

Expand the reach of Archive-It collections with these access integrations


Archive-It partners can enable direct access to their captures, collection descriptions, and other related metadata beyond the default portal of, customizing where and how patrons find and explore their web archives. Case Studies How To

How (not) to schedule electronic messages: a case study/cautionary tale

The Schedule

This is a case where “better to ask forgiveness than permission” definitely does not apply. Access Legal Public Records Records Management RIM Month UncategorizedWelcome to RIM Month!

Understanding web archive access and use with Google Analytics: Lessons and questions from the Federal Depository Library Program


As agencies increasingly disseminate information directly to their websites, and not through GPO, web archiving proved a good option for continuing to provide permanent public access to Federal Agency web content. The FDLP Web Archive may be accessed via the Catalog of U.S.

Learn more about web archiving with Archive-It Advanced Training


Access and description. Ever wonder how other organizations provide access to their web archives? Interested in boosting access to your own? Then check out the Access to Archive-It Collections training! Case Studies How To

Archiving and describing mass tragedy: the Web Archive on the October 1, 2017 Shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada


Reflecting on our mission to document Southern Nevada, we realized that we had a critical responsibility to preserve this history so we could study, remember, and reflect on it later. This way we are able to provide multiple points of access between the collection and the finding aid.

Take your web archives to go with these Archive-It APIs and integrations


The goal is to ensure that every Archive-It partner can access, manage, migrate, and represent their web archives where and how they need them. Partners may access, curate, preserve, and share these same data directly by following the instructions in the documentation above.

New choices, new directions: Piloting the 2018 Mexican Government Web Archive


We were then able to attend training and got our logins and access to the platform. Case Studiesby Natalie Baur, Biblioteca Daniel Cosío Villegas of the Colegio de México.

Collecting for continuity and for change: The web archiving experience in Westborough


We launched to facilitate access to digital resources. Case Studies Community WebsBy Anthony Vaver, Local History Librarian and Archivist, Westborough Public Library.

Saving Local News on the Web


We still access the content from those records every single day, as do countless patrons across the country and the world. But how will we access today’s news content 100 years from now (or more)? Access to local news is also affected by the way the Internet itself is regulated.

Describing web archives: Learning from Archive-It partners and friends


Partners, collaborators, and peers gathered this week for Describing Web Archives , the latest in Archive-It’s Advanced Training series of webinars , and the second (with Access to Archive-It Collections ) to invite web archivists to take the lead in demonstrating their approaches to access and discovery. Web archives come in many different shapes and sizes, so describing them towards enhancing patron access can be as much an intellectual as a technical challenge.

Partner in the news: Freedom of the Press Foundation archives online journalism at risk


Announced on the Freedom of the Press Foundation’s blog by Director of Special Projects Parker Higgins, the effort aims to provide reporters, editors, columnists, and citizens with perpetual access to the original work of press organizations regardless of changes in ownership. Archive-It Partner News Case Studies PressBy Karl-Rainer Blumenthal. It’s comforting to know that with the help of Freedom of Press and Archive-It, the internet never forgets.

From local to global, NYARC’s networks bring art history to the web archive


The New York Art Resources Consortium (NYARC) has blazed trails into digital art historical collection development and access for more than ten years. In this case, why are three heads better than one? by Karl-Rainer Blumenthal.

KnowledgeShare: access to evidence for NHS staff


? KnowledgeShare: access to evidence for NHS staff. 1 Policy documents, guidelines and case studies of innovative practice add to this plethora. Case study: Tom Roper, Clinical Librarian, Brighton and Sussex Hospitals.

This is the old ChiefTech blog.: Is the term "wiki" no longer useful?


However, its well worth reading Ray Simss analysis of these slides and also another wiki case study, Avenue A | Razorfish. Ive said similar things myself in response to the Avenue A | Razorfish case study (" Their wiki sounds very much like a portal, but a portal implemented in a wiki or Web 2.0 Editing should be easy and accessible and not require special tools. This is the old ChiefTech blog. Nice of you to drop in and visit.

Comics for Consumer Communication


From guerilla theatre to testimonials, posters to graphic instructions, users have benefited from alternative communication methods, particularly in situations where education or cultural barriers make it difficult for people to access services important to their well-being and safety. In some cases, the comic book format has been used as a way to help people get access to critical legal help.

[Podcast] Tips for Staying Cyber-Safe While Working from Home


And finally, on this episode, hear an AIIM member case study of how Laserfiche helped Mille Lacs Corporate Ventures migrate their contract management process to the cloud. Click here to access our full library of episodes.

[Podcast] Transforming How Mortgage Insurance Applications Are Processed


On this episode of the AIIM on Air Podcast , Kevin Craine explores an interesting case study about how Zia Consulting helped a large U.S. Click here to access our full library of episodes.

[Podcast] What's it like to be a University Records Officer?


We finish off the episode with a brief case study. Click here to access our full library of episodes. We're packing in the fun with this month's podcast episode by exploring 3 important intelligent information management topics.

[Podcast] Tips and Advice for Legacy Replacement


Also, on this episode , an AIIM member case study featuring Freeport LNG and Shinydocs. Click here to access our full library of episodes. We're now operating twenty years into a new millennium.

New book tackles the challenges of discovery in the (post-Google) era


Facet Publishing announce the release of Resource Discovery for the Twenty-First Century Library: Case studies and perspectives on the role of IT in user engagement and empowerment, edited by Simon McLeish. New book tackles the challenges of discovery in the (post-Google) era.

Ephesoft Recognized as Alfresco Software’s Global Technology Partner of the Year

Document Imaging Report

Both companies have multiple joint case studies published on their websites. Go-to-Market Worldwide Technology Partnership Focuses on Cloud Innovation and Improved Customer Success. IRVINE, CALIF. MAY 21, 2020. Ephesoft, Inc. ,

e-Records 2017 – “Information Governance: Take Control and Succeed” Conference Recap

The Texas Record

Given the topic of the conference, many of the presentations centered around information governance and implementation whether in the cloud, SharePoint, or through successful case studies.

Chinese hackers exploited a Trend Micro antivirus zero-day used in Mitsubishi Electric hack

Security Affairs

On June 28, last year, a suspicious behavior was detected and investigated on a terminal in our company, and as a result of unauthorized access by a third party, data was transmitted to the outside,” reads a data breach notification published by the company.

e-Records 2019: Early Bird discount expires soon!

The Texas Record

The result is more and more of our information is born digitally; accessed and used solely via screens; stored on hard drives, servers, and in the cloud; and will eventually be deleted or transferred to a digital archive all without ever having been reduced to paper.

Benefits of Data Vault Automation


Benefits of Data Vault Automation – A Case Study … Global Pharma Company Saves Considerable Time and Money with Data Vault Automation. They needed to accelerate development, as well as aggregate data from different systems for internal customers to access and share.

Q&A: The troubling implications of normalizing encryption backdoors — for government use

The Last Watchdog

Should law enforcement and military officials have access to a digital backdoor enabling them to bypass any and all types of encryption that exist today? Advocates claim such access is needed to strengthen national security and hinder terrorism. Machine to machine connection and communication needs to be authenticated to access systems, so this technology is where the rubber meets the road, with respect to this debate. In this case it’s an encryption key.

Archive-It Partner News, July 2020


In case you missed it… Recorded : Supporting Open Science Data Curation, Preservation, and Access by Libraries , a June 25 webinar with the Center for Open Science and Internet Archive. by the Archive-It team. Community News. Join us online.