Microsoft’s case study: Emotet took down an entire network in just 8 days

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Microsoft shared details of the Emotet attack suffered by an organization named Fabrikam in the Microsoft’s Detection and Response Team (DART ) Case Report 002 , where Fabrikam is a fake name the IT giant gave the victim.

NewCo New York 2014: My Chairman’s Picks To Visit

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The post NewCo New York 2014: My Chairman’s Picks To Visit appeared first on John Battelle's Search Blog. I hope to learn that and more at Pave’s session, which includes case studies on movement-building around gun safety, the Syrian humanitarian crisis, marriage equality, climate, and more. The post NewCo New York 2014: My Chairman’s Picks To Visit appeared first on John Battelle's Search Blog.

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A case study on the use of iBeacon technology at a major theme park


A case study on the use of iBeacon technology at a major theme park. CGI was tapped for an iBeacon project by the amusement park in the summer of 2014. A table of case study on the use of iBeacon technology at a major theme park. narmada.devarajan. Wed, 12/10/2014 - 02:05. In my last blog , I shared the potential value of Apple’s iBeacon technology in transforming the passenger experience and transport operations.

Award-winning loyalty and rewards program personalizes online experiences

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Since its formation in 2014, the rewards management company and frequent flyer program of Jet Airways has … The post Award-winning loyalty and rewards program personalizes online experiences appeared first on OpenText Blogs. Customer Experience Management Case Studies Case study customer story Jet Privilege Loyalty and Rewards Programs OpenText Elite OpenText LiveSite OpenText TeamSite

Rethinking Records Management with SharePoint: An AIIM Webinar


On May 28, 2014, I had the privilege of being the featured speaker for an AIIM webinar called "Rethinking Records Management with SharePoint". Check out Microsoft's internal case study: " Microsoft Boosts Records Management with Built-in Features of Collaboration Solution ". The webinar was sponsored by Microsoft, who shared their own story of records management success with SharePoint, demonstrating that they practice what they preach.

Centre Discusses the Risk-Based Approach to Privacy and APEC-EU Interoperability at IAPP Brussels

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She also explained the ongoing follow-up work to the Referential, whereby the working group is conducting case studies with the help of several companies that have or are seeking dual certification/approval under the CBPR and BCRs. The case studies are ongoing and will be formally discussed by the joint working group at the upcoming APEC Data Privacy Subgroup meetings in the Philippines in late January 2015.

Security Affairs newsletter Round 258

Security Affairs

addresses two zero-days exploited in the wild Microsofts case study: Emotet took down an entire network in just 8 days New Coronavirus-themed campaign spread Lokibot worldwide. Copyright (C) 2014 Advertising FZ-LLC All Rights Reserved -->.

Malicious PDF Analysis

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” Let’s go to our case study: I received a scan request for a PDF file that was reported to support an antivirus vendor, and it replied that the file was not malicious. It is essential that security professionals are increasingly able to work with this type of analysis that the antivirus tool is not usually able to do, I leave here the hint about the importance of studying malicious document analysis.

MITRE evaluates Enterprise security products using the ATT&CK Framework

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In the first phase, MITRE offered the possibility to evaluate the service and its efficiency on a case study on APT3/Gothic Panda cyber espionage group. Copyright (C) 2014 Advertising FZ-LLC All Rights Reserved -->.

Chinese hackers exploited a Trend Micro antivirus zero-day used in Mitsubishi Electric hack

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“In a case study on its website, Trend Micro lists Mitsubishi Electric as one of the companies that run the OfficeScan suite.” Copyright (C) 2014 Advertising FZ-LLC All Rights Reserved -->.

Crooks offer millions to skilled black hats to help them in extortion campaigns

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Cybercrime gangs aim at hiring skilled hackers that can help them in extortion campaign against high-worth individuals, in this case they promise $30,000 per month ($360,000 per year). One of the most interesting case studies for extortion attempt reported in the report was the one that involved the hacking group The Dark Overlord. Copyright (C) 2014 Advertising FZ-LLC All Rights Reserved -->.

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Analyzing AZORult malware using NSA Ghidra suite

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Cybaze-Yoroi ZLAB malware researchers decided to use the NSA Ghidra suite in a real case study, the analysis of the AZORult malware. Cybaze -Yoroi ZLAB team also decided to play around with it, but this time using a real case study, AZORult : one of the most active threats spreading nowadays, always using new methodologies to avoid detection. Copyright (C) 2014 Advertising FZ-LLC All Rights Reserved -->.

Zurich refuses to pay Mondelez for NotPetya damages because it’s ‘an act of war’

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” This decision is a case study, both companies are facing an unprecedented court case. The case, lodged in Illinois court (2018-L-011008) is being watched keenly as a result. . Copyright (C) 2014 Advertising FZ-LLC All Rights Reserved -->. Zurich American Insurance Company is refusing to refund its client because consider the attack as “an act of war” that is not covered by its policy.

How Secure Are Bitcoin Wallets, Really?

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So, the companies behind those wallets wisely emphasize why their products are more secure than what competitors offer and why that’s the case. This case study, as well as others associated with less-than-locked-down Bitcoin wallets, emphasizes how people should not get too comfortable after buying a Bitcoin wallet, even one considered as being among the best of the best. Copyright (C) 2014 Advertising FZ-LLC All Rights Reserved -->.

NHS is still assessing the cost of WannaCry one year later

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The report includes a case study related a “large NHS mental health trust” that was protected with Advanced Threat Protection that allowed to repeal a phishing email attack with a weaponized excel spreadsheet attachment. Copyright (C) 2014 Advertising FZ-LLC All Rights Reserved -->. The UK’s Department of Health and Social Care provided an update on the efforts to secure the NHS IT infrastructure, with a focus on WannaCry overall costs.

SamSam Ransomware operators earned more than US$5.9 Million since late 2015

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The security experts from Sophos have published a report on the multimillion-dollar black market business for crooks, they analyzed the SamSam ransomware case as a case study. Copyright (C) 2014 Advertising FZ-LLC All Rights Reserved -->.

Duo Security created open tools and techniques to identify large Twitter botnet

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The experts shared a case study related to the discovery of a sophisticated botnet of at least 15,000 bots involved in a cryptocurrency scam. In many cases, spammy content is hidden on Twitter on the basis of automated detections.”

APEC Privacy Committee Meets to Discuss CBPR System and EU Cooperation

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After releasing the so-called Referential in March 2014, a jointly developed mapping document comparing APEC CBPR to the EU Binding Corporate Rules (“BCR”) system, APEC officials and representatives of the Article 29 Working Party continued their collaboration on this subject through the BCR/CBPR joint working group. The ultimate goal of the case studies is to identify possible ways to simplify and streamline the dual certification/approval processes under the CBPR and BCR systems.

Can Enterprises execute a GRC Movement?

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Are applications or use cases of GRC platforms or products for enterprises going to be different for different organisations? If yes then what kind of use cases? Can a unique problem in the enterprise be solved by a unique workflow configured by an enterprise…which could be a case study for the industry to learn from! His proposal paper on “Internet of Things” was selected for ISF Copenhagen World congress Nov 2014 and Atlanta World Congress 2015.

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KnowledgeShare: access to evidence for NHS staff


1 Policy documents, guidelines and case studies of innovative practice add to this plethora. Case study: Tom Roper, Clinical Librarian, Brighton and Sussex Hospitals. Case study: Stephen Ayre, Library Services Manager, George Eliot Hospital. London: HEE, 2014. ? KnowledgeShare: access to evidence for NHS staff. In 1999 Brighton and Sussex NHS Library?s s KnowledgeShare project set out to support the library team?s

Thursday LTNY 2019 Sessions: eDiscovery Trends

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Hear lessons learned and case studies on: (i) the record classification of 1.5 In this session, highly experienced lawyers and technologists will discuss the major cases and trends from 2018 and will address practical measures organizations can take to try to reduce their risks of breaches and resultant legal liability. In this session, we will take a deep dive into the impacts the Supreme Court’s rulings could have on future contexts and cases.

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Establishing Records Management at Brandeis—The First Eighteen Months

Brandeis Records Manager

These ranged from one-on-ones to a surprise fifty-person audience of administrators for an entire school (my meeting invitation indicated eight people attending, and I walked into a function hall—should have cased the joint). Our initial client service engagements—managed offsite storage and retrieval, secure document shredding, digitization, and, recently, electronic redaction—began in March of 2014. George Despres, University Records Manager, Brandeis University.