A Case Study - Db2 for z/OS High-Performance DBATs

Robert's Db2

Over the years, I have posted several entries to this blog that have covered various aspects of Db2 for z/OS high-performance DBATs (examples are entries posted in 2016 and 2013 ). Accordingly, I decided to use this case study as the basis for a blog entry.

Tyco International case study - replacing your intranet with Yammer


Unlike most of the Yammer case studies I've seen, Tyco International set out with the deliberate objective of replacing their traditional static intranet with Yammer, in order to create a social intranet. This video provides an introduction to the Tyco case study: There is further detail in this presentation: Tyco Transformed: A Case Study from Yammer.

IT 76

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Case study: The Hub by SAS


In a case study they explain that SAS had a number of requirements, including: "All communications would have to be maintained behind the firewall (for security reasons) while seamlessly integrating with other internal business systems such as SharePoint.".

The 2013 Summit Arrives: Bridging Data And Humanity

John Battelle's Searchblog

The post The 2013 Summit Arrives: Bridging Data And Humanity appeared first on John Battelle's Search Blog. Some of the more than 25 speakers already joining us at the 2013 CM Summit. zettabytes of data in 2013 – roughly 565 gigabytes per person on earth.

Virgin America's mobile social intranet case study


If you are looking for more detail about VXConnect , this Salesforce Webinar features Virgin America''s Benjamin Eye , who explains the objectives behind their mobile, social intranet : The Virgin America case study itself is covered between the approximate 8 minute and 36 minute mark.


PwC Jive Software case study


A detailed backgrounder on PwC's global deployment of Jive , called Spark, reports: 80% of the frequent users think that Spark increases both their efficiency and effectiveness. Some systems with a similar scope used on a national level have already been partly or fully replaced by Spark, directly saving cost. …a a new employee who explicitly stated that Spark was among the key reasons for him to decide for PwC and against offers from the competition.

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DCMS Wordpress-based intranet case study - cheaper, quicker, and user-centred


Continuing what appears to be turning into a series on alternative intranets technologies, here is a great study from the UK about relaunching the Department for Culture, Media & Sport's intranet with Wordpress.

IBM Connections 4.5 coming in March 2013


At IBM Connect 2013 (previously known as Lotusphere) this week, they have presented details of the March release of IBM Connections 4.5. Australian department store, David Jones, also featured as a case study at IBM Connect 2013. Again, Michael has provided the best coverage so far of that case study. Michael Sampson provided some rough but detailed notes about the new features in this release.

IT 48

Two new Australian case studies from Microsoft


Some new Australian case studies from across the Microsoft family: Woods Bagot - Microsoft SharePoint 2013 pilot. Note: I reviewed SharePoint 2013's social features over on the Ripple Effect Group blog. NSC Group - Using a free Yammer network. (if if the article is paywalled, try this link (PDF) provided by NSC Group). A quote from Woods Bagot: “With the addition of the new social features, we can use SharePoint to help us quickly achieve a more engaging intranet.”.

IT 42

Wolters Kluwer swaps a static intranet for an enterprise social network


In this case study global information services and publishing company, Wolters Kluwer group, made a deliberate decision to replace their intranet with Yammer. While there are clearly signs of bottom-up adoption in this example, this is an interesting case of a company not just accepting the existence of a shadow social collaboration system but instead fully embracing it. You can read the full case study on SlideShare

IT 58

Leonardi & Treem: Understanding the barriers to success and benefits of enterprise social software


Jeffery Treem, a co-researcher with Leonardi, provides more detail in this presentation (PDF) at Collaborative Organizations and Social Media 2013 about A-Life from the perspective of understanding the barriers to use of 16 people in the marketing division (out of a total user base of 15,000). He outlines a number of dimensions - as potential areas for academic study - that he categorises using the following metaphors: Leaky pipe.

Innovation in service delivery - PatchworkHQ pilot in Victoria


When I joined Ripple Effect Group in 2009 (then known as Headshift), one of the company's case studies that immediately resonated with me was Patient Opinion. There was nothing like it in Australia and if you've been following me for a while, you'll know I've often featured it as a case study of what we can do when we think beyond getting government agencies on to Facebook and Twitter.

Australian manufacturing companies boost productivity and competitive advantage with enterprise social software


BTW If you are interested in manufacturing case studies, also have a look at this Socialtext example featuring a US-based Industrial Mold & Machine While a bit light on details, I'm not going to complain about this positive story in the ITPro section of the Fairfax newspapers about two packaging manufacturing companies using enterprise social software to help their bottom-line.

Infor launches Ming.le - focusing on a social user experience for enterprise systems


and seeing some solid case studies, its hard to comment on how well this user experience works in practice. A late entrant to the enterprise social software market, last year enterprise software company Infor launched Infor10 SocialSpaces. This week they announced an upgrade to this concept , called Ming.le: Listening to the media messages and watching the recording of their user conference keynote , this update is all about creating a user experience led design.

Rentokil Initial's Google Sites intranet


You can read more about Rentokil Initial''s experience with Google Apps and the cloud in these case studies: Rentokil Initial: Lessons from a cloud ‘veteran’ (also linked above). This post is part of series looking at alternative intranets, using cloud-based platforms, like Google Apps and Salesforce. Rentokil Initial (RI) is a 110-year old company, which now employs over 60,000 employees in over 60 countries across Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and Africa.

Cloud 46

A retrospective look at the Magic Quadrant for Social Software in the Workplace, 2007-2013


Some other additional highlights about this year''s Magic Quadrant, that I don''t cover in my original post: As you know, I''ve also been tracking cloud-based solutions like Google and Salesforce , so its interesting to see them both appear (or reappear in the case of Google) this year. But for solutions like Novell, Cisco and OpenText, can any one point me to any case studies from Australia or the APAC region

Cloud 40

Does IT matter… in Australian supermarkets?


One notable case study from the same industry is SuperValue in the US, who last May talked about using Yammer as a tool to support the turn around of that business: "SUPERVALU is focused on acting as one company, working toward a common goal of delivering increased value to all of our customers and meeting their needs store by store to become America’s Neighborhood Grocer.

Collecting for continuity and for change: The web archiving experience in Westborough


In 2013, a group of sixty people packed into a venue designed for forty in order to see a collection of eighteenth and nineteenth century town records that had just been found in the Westborough Town Clerk’s vault. Case Studies Community Webs

Rethinking Records Management with SharePoint: An AIIM Webinar


Check out Microsoft's internal case study: " Microsoft Boosts Records Management with Built-in Features of Collaboration Solution ". AIIM Enterprise Content Management Records Management SharePoint SharePoint 2013 Webinar

New book tackles the challenges of discovery in the (post-Google) era


Facet Publishing announce the release of Resource Discovery for the Twenty-First Century Library: Case studies and perspectives on the role of IT in user engagement and empowerment, edited by Simon McLeish. New book tackles the challenges of discovery in the (post-Google) era.

A straightforward and pragmatic guide to leadership, management and teamwork


This book translates theories in teamwork, management and leadership into practical guidance backed up with examples and case studies from current library and information workers globally. A straightforward and pragmatic guide to leadership, management and teamwork.

APEC Privacy Committee Meets to Discuss CBPR System and EU Cooperation

Hunton Privacy

After the last meetings in August 2014 in Beijing , the collaboration focused on case studies by several companies that sought or are in the process of seeking certification or approval under both the CBPR and BCR systems. The case studies explored the usefulness of the Referential and how companies can leverage their prior work to seek approval in one system to gain approval in the other system.

KnowledgeShare: access to evidence for NHS staff


1 Policy documents, guidelines and case studies of innovative practice add to this plethora. In 2013, KnowledgeShare was made available beyond Brighton & Sussex, initially to other health libraries in the South and, over the next two years, 28 NHS LKS teams had signed up to use it.

Archive-It Partner News, November 2017


Results and observations from the three previous surveys ( 2011 , 2013 , 2016 ) are available. To explore a rich case study in collecting and parsing out this information, see the new blog post by partners at the U.S. by the Archive-It team. Community News.

Establishing Records Management at Brandeis—The First Eighteen Months

Brandeis Records Manager

We held over fifty stakeholder meetings between October of 2013 and April of 2015. These ranged from one-on-ones to a surprise fifty-person audience of administrators for an entire school (my meeting invitation indicated eight people attending, and I walked into a function hall—should have cased the joint). In one case, we had an oversized vendor truck get stuck between a building, a ledge, and a tree for about twenty-five minutes.